John was amazed by what he was hearing …

God’s love for him — and all people — is so deep, so wide; it’s like an ocean covering all the earth. How was this even possible?

John had a few good friends … but his parents were distant: his mom worked overseas, like many Filipinos, and his dad, a driver, was only home once a week. John didn’t feel very loved.

But then you sent him the Book of Hope. He received it when he was invited to a church youth group and Bible study. That’s where he heard about God’s love for the first time.

And today he is following Jesus!

Thank you for sending God’s Word to the Philippines, to introduce John to the Savior.


by President Rob Hoskins

Since I’ve become a grandparent, I’ve given much thought to the spiritual implications of grandparents — now termed the forgotten generation — as they help, or even raise, their grandchildren — the left-behind generation.

My conclusion: God has called us to be physical and spiritual parents and grandparents to the children and youth in our spheres of influence.

This generation of left behinds has incredible technological connectedness, yet their reality is loneliness and the highest levels of unhappiness ever recorded on the planet.

God beautifully demonstrates three crucial things that need to happen in the life of our young to combat the lies of the enemy. After Jesus is baptized by John in the Jordan River and the Spirit of God descends on Him, “A voice from heaven said, ‘This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy’” (Matthew 3:17, NLT). In this one event Jesus is given:

  1. A strong sense of identity.
  2. Compelling affirmation.
  3. Clear purpose. Immediately after this, Jesus is tested in the desert, then begins his great work.

I love hearing stories from the field, like Prosith, a 13-year-old in Asia Pacific, being raised by his grandmother. After learning he has a heavenly Father, Prosith began to feel less lonely and desolate … and more joyful. His life’s mission is now to share God’s Good News with others who don’t yet know Christ, like his Buddhist grandmother.

When we step into the role of spiritually parenting and grandparenting, we are equipping children and young people to find hope and live differently.

In a place where it’s tough to share the Good News …You’re reaching children with God’s Word!

Many nations in Asia Pacific are considered limited access nations — which means political or religious pressures result in intense opposition to the Gospel, and many Christians live at risk of persecution.

We can’t list these nations in print for security reasons. But even in these countries, there are Christians, churches, and ministries eager to reach the next generation with God’s Word. 

That’s how you reached Nob and Meunim with the Good News.

The sisters live in one of the most limited access nations, where traditional Buddhism and a repressive government can make life very difficult for anyone who chooses to follow Jesus. Last year, a local church reached out to children in their village, during our Christmas in Asia outreaches.

“I was very happy to receive the Christmas Book of Hope,” says Nob. “After reading it, I believed in Jesus, and my sister Meunim believed, too!”

That wasn’t the end of the story. Nob invited the pastor of the church to come and tell her parents about Jesus. Nob and Meunim’s mom and dad politely received the pastor in their home … and listened to what he had to say …

“And they accepted Christ, too!” says Nob. “I’m so happy that my whole family believes in Jesus now.”

Your gift of love brought transformation to Nob, Meunim, and their whole family! Your gift again today will be DOUBLED to reach other children and youth with God’s Word.



Your partners across Asia Pacific use a variety of OneHope programs to share Jesus with children and youth. Among them are these important outreaches …

Christmas in Asia
Christmas is hugely popular in Asia, even though most people don’t know what it’s all about — the parties, gifts, lights, and music make a big impression — and it’s also a time when young people’s hearts are open to hearing the Good News. Our Christmas in Asia outreach shares a special-edition Book of Hope that gives children the real reason to celebrate. These outreaches are happening now and will continue until the new year.

Buddhist Teen Outreach Book of Hope
Our research found many teens raised in Buddhist regions struggle with feelings of rejection, a poor understanding of what love is, and an overall sense of hopelessness … in part because their faith teaches them that “life is suffering.” Our Buddhist Teen Outreach Book of Hope speaks to these heartfelt needs and helps Buddhist teenagers recognize that Jesus is the one true God, and is with us, even in our suffering.

Muslim Teen Outreach Book of Hope
The Asia Pacific Muslim Teen Outreach Book of Hope is designed to equip and inform young people from a Muslim audience. Muslim teenagers learn that salvation is a free gift through grace, provided by Jesus Christ, and that the love of God is unconditional and personal.

World Without Sickness
In Asia, many children lack knowledge of basic hygiene skills, leaving them susceptible to many treatable ailments. At the same time, religions like Buddhism and Islam are closely tied to cultural identity. World Without Sickness was developed to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of children throughout Asia. While learning practical tips about keeping their teeth and bodies physically clean and healthy, children also learn about the one true God who sent His son, Jesus, to make them clean on the inside, too! Then, children can share about Jesus and hygiene with other family members, creating a ripple effect of health and wholeness.

And today, the $1 Million Light for Asia Matching Challenge fund will double your gift — every $1 you give will share God’s Word with six children and youth through programs like these in Asia Pacific!




Year’s end is a strategic time for charitable giving — because it’s your final opportunity of the year to maximize the impact of your gift to OneHope and tell even more children and youth about the love of Christ for them.

What are the most strategic options to make your gift go further in sharing God’s Word and also help you minimize taxes, too? Here’s a list of our Top Three for Year-end Giving …

  1. A gift of appreciated stocks or assets. Maybe you’re ready to sell a stock or asset you’ve held for more than 12 months as its value appreciated. You could sell it and donate the proceeds — which would be wonderful! But you could probably make the gift go even further by donating the asset itself. This way you can normally avoid capital gains tax, so there’s more funding for ministry, and you also get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the appreciated stock or asset.
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Keep these options in mind as you plan your year-end giving, and if you have questions, please email the team at, or call us at 1.800.448.2425. Thanks for giving a generous year-end gift today, to help share the life- transforming power of God’s Word with the next generation!



Her father deserted the family. Anama, a young teenager, was devastated. She began acting out in rebellion and harsh language toward her mom and others.

But then she was enrolled in our Lead Today program, where Anama first began to understand the story of Jesus, and everything began to change for her!

The story of the obedience of Mary, the mother of Jesus, impacted her deeply, and she decided she wanted to make wise choices and have a positive attitude. She apologized to her mother and other family members for her rebellious ways and shared her faith with them.

Anama and her mother were baptized together at their local church, and Anama has also helped lead her cousins to faith in Christ!


Our Foundations for Farming program is helping rural young people and their families grow better crops, even as they learn about faith in God. Our partner church in Lesotho also sponsors “Grandma’s Pot,” a daily meal for children in need. “We enjoy the meals and look forward to the meetings,” says Khasoane, who is enrolled in the program. “My relationship with God is stronger than ever before, too.”


YanCarlos admits he was hard-hearted and didn’t forgive people; he was mad at his own cousin and kept him at arm’s length. But then he attended our Superbook program and learned that Jesus had forgiven his sins, and he could forgive others. Today, he and his cousin are both following Jesus and attending church together!


Raquel’s mother was sick, but during the pandemic, they couldn’t get any treatment for her. Raquel was scared and sad. But then she received the Book of Hope, and the local pastor prayed with her and her family. Her mother was restored to health! Now Raquel and both her parents have chosen to follow Jesus.

God’s Word. Every Child.


Her heart was broken. Her world plunged into chaos.

Angkasa’s father died.

The next year, 2020, the pandemic struck their majority-Muslim homeland in Asia, just as it struck everywhere across the globe. Lockdowns, shortages, fear, hopelessness — all of it piled on top of the grief for her father … Then, her mother died!

Now an orphan, Angkasa was filled with pain, loss, and rage. She didn’t believe God loved her — how could that be when her family had been torn apart like this?

Thankfully, you were there for Angkasa in her darkest moments. You sent her the Christmas edition of the Book of Hope. The story that touched her heart was the story of the disciples after the crucifixion and resurrection — they refused to believe that Jesus was alive, and they were part of a much bigger story.

Angkasa wondered: Was she refusing to see the truth about God? Maybe her bleak circumstances made her doubt that there was any more to her story …

But the stories from her new Bible were compelling. And she decided she wanted His peace and hope in her life. Angkasa chose to trust in God and experience the love of the Savior Jesus. She now believes that He is real and has a glorious place for her life and future.

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