Khaan’s passion and intensity earned him a reputation as a fierce cricket player — and in fact, he got so aggressive during one game, he began beating up an opponent!

He was enraged and couldn’t stop himself … but the other boy didn’t fight back or even call Khaan bad names — much to his surprise. Later, Khaan sought out the boy he had assaulted to apologize for his actions … and the young man invited Khaan to come with him to the Lead Today program he was attending.

“The subject was ‘Influence,’” Khaan recalls. “The leader was talking about Jesus Christ and how He influenced people. He loves, cares, and heals. And that if we want to be influential, we have to follow Jesus.”

During the class, Khaan realized that he wanted to have a positive influence on others and chose to dedicate his life to Christ.

“I am totally changed,” he says today!

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by President Rob Hoskins

A costermonger peddles fruits and vegetables — a fishmonger is the person you see to buy seafood — there’s even a cheesemonger, an ironmonger, and we’ve all heard of a warmonger.

Today I’m inviting you to become a monger, too: a hopemonger — someone who delivers hope to the next generation!

We’re desperately needed in this role, because there’s an impending leadership crisis unless the global Church figures out how to better engage youth in a postmodern context. We must learn to reach and train the Christian leaders of tomorrow before an entire generation is lost.

To me this coming crisis actually provides the gaping potential for hopemongering — strategizing what we can do now to change the future for the glory of God and the good of humanity.

“One of the primary responsibilities of leaders is to grow new leaders. If you’re not doing that, you’re not being strategic,” states Richard Tiplady, principal of International Christian College, former British Director of Mission, and expert on leadership in a postmodern context.

We knew the best person to help us grow new leaders was prevailing spiritual leadership developer John Maxwell. Working together we have scaled his EQUIP leadership program for a youth-centered audience to influence tomorrow’s spiritual leaders starting today.

Lead Today is the program that anatomizes the leadership qualities from Maxwell’s material, founding each in solid Bible bedrock. It’s a beautiful partnership — and a robust program, as you will see in this Global Report.

Stand with us again today, be a hopemonger for the next generation!



• Population ages 0-14: 7 million+

31 years of OneHope ministry in Ukraine

33 million children and youth reached with God’s Word

• 2022 faith goal: 958,000 children and youth to be reached

Ukraine Update: Because of the crisis in Ukraine, our partners in the country have ramped up efforts to share the Good News — via OneHope’s digital programs and otherwise — with children and families, and are asking for more help. Together, we must minister to the 1 million+ refugees fleeing to neighboring nations … and the youth still in Ukraine. No matter where they are, they need the hope of God’s Word!


Ivanka was learning how to follow Jesus and become a godly leader from her Lead Today program in her home nation of Ukraine — and with Valentine’s Day approaching, she wanted to do something to show the love of Jesus to her classmates.

She encouraged her friends to make a small gift for everyone in their class — although “most of our classmates aren’t friendly or kind,” Ivanka said.

“Our classmates were pleasantly shocked that we gave them presents!” Ivanka says. And it impacted their behavior, too; they’re friendlier and more open to Ivanka — and more open when she shares the Good News, too.

Lead Today is training tomorrow’s Christian leaders. And for a limited time, the Lead Today Matching Challenge will match every donation to help provide the program for more than 4 million young people like Ivanka this year!

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Created in partnership with John Maxwell’s organization, EQUIP, Lead Today empowers teens to lead with biblical principles by showing them a leadership model they can admire, respect, and follow. It shares the life-transforming power of God’s Word and helps build teenagers into Christian leaders. 

By sharing the ultimate example of a servant leader, we show young people how Jesus came to change lives and give every person a divine purpose and calling. Powerful stories of biblical leadership help students discover their God-given potential as they begin influencing others right where they are.

• 2022 Faith Goal: 4.1 million

• 2022 Active Nations: 62

2022 Faith Goal by region


Every dollar reaches SIX children and youth with the Good News



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It had been a long time since Jean Claude, a young boy from Burundi, felt any hope for the future … he had such a low opinion of himself, he couldn’t imagine any way he could contribute to his community or country.

A teacher told him he had no intelligence. His own father told him the family never expected him to make anything of himself because he was so worthless.

But then he received the Book of Hope. And everything began to change for him!

“I was in doubt I could ever achieve anything,” he says. “I had developed a fear of facing anything for the fear of failure. I had no self-esteem.”

But through the lessons in the Book of Hope, Jean Claude discovered he was loved by God and could become a godly leader! Today he says:

“I will follow the lessons from this book and raise my self-esteem. I feel so relieved after reading this! I was transformed!”

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• Every $1 doubled to $2 to reach six young people •




He doesn’t remember his father … Christopher’s father died when he was just a baby. Although he knows his mom works hard to provide for him, Christopher still missed having a father figure … someone to teach him how to play sports or ride a bike …

When he started school, he didn’t seem to fit in and couldn’t make friends. At recess, the other boys pushed him aside! They knew he couldn’t play soccer and didn’t want him on their teams!

But then Christopher saw The GodMan film and learned that Jesus loved him so very much — and that he had a heavenly Father who would never leave him. Christopher chose to dedicate his life to Christ.

Today his mother, too, has come to faith in Jesus. There’s new happiness in their hope as they have a church family to surround and support them, and they have the love of God to sustain them!


Elisangela wants you to know how much she loves her Book of Hope: “During the time that I have learned the stories of OneHope, I have enjoyed it a lot because I can get to know Jesus more — and there are different activities that I like a lot, verses to decorate, the stories are very good.”


Ezequiel is 6 years old and belongs to the Guarani, an unreached people group in Paraguay. When he was hospitalized recently, he was delighted to receive a Scripture book in his own heart language, the Guarani Book of Hope. He thoroughly enjoyed learning about Jesus and has asked his mom to take him to church!


Yadriel was hospitalized with neuralgia. He hated missing church and being away from his friends, but he says, “Reading Superbook and watching the videos made me happy because I knew that God was going to heal me and everything would be fine.” And he was right! Today he is healthy again!

God’s Word. Every Child.


Her home nation of Venezuela spiraled into chaos years ago because of economic turmoil and social upheaval —

Tatom’s father was killed — she was left with her mother and two brothers — until her stepdad came along. Then she was not only grieving the loss of her father, but also dealing with an entirely new family dynamic. No wonder by the time she was 11 she was already bitter, rebellious, impulsive, disrespectful … and deep down, brokenhearted.

But then she was invited to the local church to be part of the OneHope Superbook program. The stories from the Bible helped her reframe her own life and situation — maybe God loved her … maybe she could learn to love others …

She decided to dedicate her life to Christ.

Today Tatom is a different child! Less impulsive … More loving … She’s joyfully following Jesus, attending her local church — where she’s a member of the worship team, and even telling others about her new faith in Jesus. She recently invited a friend to church, and now her friend is learning more about Jesus, too.

Thank you for sharing God’s Word with Tatom to show her the way to eternal life. Today when you give, every $1 will be doubled by the Lead Today Matching Challenge and reach six young people with the Good News!

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