OneHope’s Global Youth Culture: United States survey shares the trends, behaviors, and struggles that influence 13-19 year olds in the U.S.

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35% of U.S. teens report having suicidal thoughts within the past three months, with 7% claiming suicide attempts. What else are teens experiencing today, and what do they really think? Access the resources for their take on faith, gender and sexuality, pornography, depression, suicide, family, technology, and more! 

Global Youth Culture is a OneHope research initiative.

At OneHope, we partner with churches around the world to share God’s Word with the next generation. Under normal circumstances, every dollar presents God’s Word to three children and youth. 

Today, because of the No Limits $1,000,000 Matching Challenge, every dollar will be doubled, and reach six children in limited access nations. A gift of $1,000 shares the Gospel with 6,000 kids! The matching challenge is in effect only until May 31. Please kindly join us in prayer, or donate today. 

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Our partners in 43 limited access nations can reach more than 40 million children this year if we supply the Scripture engagement programs.