A Devotional to Engage Your Heart with God’s

This free devotional will help you see God’s big picture for the world.

The devotional includes:

  • 31 days of devotionals
  • Prayer prompts for each day
  • Stories, showing how each nation interacts with God
  • Verses, sharing what God’s Word has to say
  • And a whole lot more!

For God so loved the world..

In this 31-day devotional, explore the truth of God’s heart for the whole world as you and your family go on a grand adventure of the planet. Guided by local experts from OneHope’s network of global partners, you’ll learn what God’s Word says about the nations, receive prayer requests for each country, and discover interesting facts about the region. (Wait until you see what else plays music like an Ice Cream Truck in Taiwan!)

If you’ve ever wanted to know how God sees the world, we’ve made this free devotional for you. 

God wants to share His heart with you and for you to know it clearly. This daily devotional is designed for just that—to help you and your family understand God’s big picture. With it, you’ll have a different way to see the world, connect with God’s heart, and pray for your neighbors in God’s Kingdom far and wide.


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