You helped transform Carina’s broken life!

She was just 15 years old … on her way to the market to pick up a few things for her mom. When a neighbor called Carina over and said his wife had a message for her mother, Carina followed him into the house —

Where the neighbor assaulted and raped her. Carina’s body was battered … her emotions shattered … her heart broken.

In her homeland of Guatemala, as in so many nations around the world, there’s shame associated with sexual assault. Carina wanted to retreat to her bedroom and never step out in the world again.

Her family reported the assault, and the man is being prosecuted for his crime. But Carina was living with the aftermath, too. And her mother feared the horror and depression would cause her to commit suicide. She asked the local pastor for help. He shared our Counterculture Book of Hope with Carina and visited her often to remind her of God’s love and care.

Today, Carina and her mother are both following Christ as Savior and attending their local church. Carina is recovering from depression and is no longer suicidal. Every day, her family and her church family see her recover more peace and joy.

Thanks for sending God’s Word to help Carina, and her mother, find hope in Jesus!

You are crucial to getting the Good News to children like Carina — your prayers and partnership make the difference!

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