Children and youth in every region of the world have been affected in some aspect by COVID-19. They are searching for hope. They have questions about the world. They need to experience the goodness of God and the presence of His Spirit.

God’s Word is needed now, more than ever before.

Our church partners are saying that this is a time of incredible need when people are searching for answersthis is an open opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are continuing to serve our church partners around the world, and they need our help. 

Together, we can share the hope of God’s Word with young people during a pivotal moment in history.

Our Response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic:

Our mediums may change, but our mission will never change.

Our mission is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all of the children and youth of the world. COVID-19 changed much of how OneHope can deliver God’s Word to children. We continue to monitor the situations in each country we do ministry in and respond to the opportunities available. We remain committed to innovation to continue to reach children around the world.

With your support, we are responding to incredible opportunities.

We are particularly concentrating on programs that have continued unabated during the pandemic precautions, including digital programs and ministry in the limited access areas and other regions where our partners are also involved in ongoing works of mercy and compassion with God’s Word. 

We’re hearing incredible reports of partners sharing hope with children and families. Ministry partners in Peru recently distributed the Book of Hope in the district with the highest rate of violence and widespread poverty. “One mother told us she was so grateful because she no longer had nothing to cook. How great is it that God knows our needs and provides at the right time!” – OneHope Volunteer

And the family can find hope for tomorrow in God’s Word! 

Children, young people, and families are also on their digital devices, looking for answers and hope. As the Church, we have the greatest hope. We have God’s Word, which can be shared as easily as a click of a button. God has put OneHope in a position where we can reach children and young people who speak almost every major language of the world, right now. We’ve already built digital Scripture programs, like the Bible App for Kids, OneHope Youth Films, and What if it’s True?.

Please consider partnering with us as we share the Good News with children around the world who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that God’s Word can bring them hope!