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Ministry in the Middle East is riddled with great challenges and difficulties. While all of the nations grant limited access to Christian materials, many of these countries are closed. This means many of the locals are being prohibited from becoming Christians or attending church. Only current Christian expats are allowed to practice their religion. The Church is under severe persecution. In all of the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, it is illegal to carry a Bible or talk about God outside of a church compound. Many children and youth living in nations such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon must also face the repercussions of 6 years of civil war. In order to reach the youth living in these nations, we must leverage emerging mediums such as broadcast and digital to bring Scripture to young people in creative and engaging ways.

Refugee outreach

“The book (Survivors) works through a healing journey to help young people process the turmoil. We also use the short film Not Alone, which shows how a refugee family survived through their faith in God. These are programs the children can completely relate to.” – Cantara, distribution team member

About Not Alone
Our short film Not Alone is reaching Syrian refugee children and their families with a message of hope in the desperate circumstances where they find themselves. The 20-minute Arabic film depicts the journey and experiences of a refugee family, with a redemptive narrative that emphasizes God’s nearness in the midst of suffering.

About Survivors
The Survivors Book of Hope, developed in partnership with Biblica, ministers to the specific needs of children affected by trauma and displacement. The book addresses the emotional and psychosocial needs of refugee children ages 7-14, and is the key printed piece distributed alongside showings of the Not Alone film.

With a gift of $30, you can send the hope of God’s Word to children in one refugee camp!


Our partners in Latin America are currently working with nearly every denomination to see the Church unite and work together. Although the Church has witnessed a notable increase in Christianity, many children and youth are still unaware of the redeeming message of the Gospel. If they do have a knowledge of God, they often do not have an understanding of the person of Jesus. They have yet to discover a Savior who deeply loves them and has a purpose for their lives. Right now, OneHope is actively working to reach children and youth in the rural areas, global cities, and the digital sphere.

“I believe that if my peers, my friends, and mates listen to the Lead Today lessons and apply it in their lives, society will be a better place to live and everyone will accept Jesus Christ.”

The world is in need of a new generation of strong, biblically based leaders. In response, we partnered with John Maxwell’s organization, EQUIP, to create Lead Today, a program to empower teens through lessons on biblical servant leadership, character strength, and practical application of leadership skills.

But then after going through Lead Today, Philip began to take each Biblical lesson he was learning and apply it to his life. He decided to set a goal to share God’s Word with 400 students at his school. By the end of the year, Philip and his team won more than 500 teens to Christ!

The world is in need of a new generation of strong, biblically based leaders. In response, we partnered with John Maxwell’s organization, EQUIP, to create Lead Today, a program to empower teens through lessons on biblical servant leadership, character strength, and practical application of leadership skills.

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Our SSWC research shows that 69% of Russian teenagers believe religion has not changed the way they behave. A mere 8% of respondents find a personal relationship with God to be highly desirable because they often have not been given an opportunity to encounter the true hope of the Gospel. When they get the chance to know the character of Jesus and experience God, their lives will never be the same. OneHope uses The GodMan film, the Book of Hope, and the Bible App for Kids to help young people in Russia encounter God in a way that resonates with them personally. Through the Hosanna Plan, evangelism teams are personally taking God’s Word to 35 regions in Russia.

During our trip I saw many people who live without any hope. I met a young man. He had tried to commit suicide, but failed and was hospitalized. Talking with him I realized that without God he would live in deep depression. Only Jesus can help him. Our trip was worthwhile even for the sake of this one man, who received his hope in the Lord, by repenting and accepting Jesus.” – Ilia Malyutin, evangelism team member

Through the Hosanna Plan, team members are giving a year of their lives to spread the Gospel in Russia. Today, 50 teams are ministering in 35 regions of Russia, many in rural areas. Our partners in Russia have a goal of planting a church in every Russian town or village that doesn’t have one- about 10,000 villages

Give $83 today and send God’s Word to five unreached villages in Russia!


OneHope works alongside the local Church in Asia to ensure our programs not only bring Scripture to bear on the lives of young people, but also fit the context and address real, heartfelt needs. According to the World Health Organization, Cambodia is one of the worst places in the world for proper oral hygiene. To address this need, our team has developed a powerful Scripture program that addresses both the spiritual and physical needs of children living in Cambodia.

A Cambodian university student was thrilled when he heard about our World Without Sickness program for children. He understood the desperate need for a toothbrush that many children in his nation face – and their even more desperate need for the Gospel.

“Jesus said, let the little children come to me,” he said, “I want to help make this happen!”

Vireak signed up for a training on how to use the program – and just this spring, he conducted his first class for the 30 children in his church

The World Without Sickness Student Book edition of the Book of Hope was developed to share personal hygiene education with young children. It provides detailed instruction on tooth brushing skills and overall dental health, the health risks of open defecation, the importance of effective hand washing and the utilization of clean, purified water. Using Scripture from the Old and New Testaments, this book also shares the salvation message.