Cultivate Leadership Program is an internship designed to connect valuable skill sets to meaningful outcome-based projects, contributing to professional and spiritual development.

Outcomes for Interns

Learn Your Calling

God creates and redeems each individual for His glory and their good. Cultivate interns seek a better understanding of the Gospel and its implications for all of life. They learn to discern their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their passions and how they are expressed. Interns seek to refine their understanding of their calling, vocation, and Purpose.

Create Better Ministry

What is ministry success? Interns are trained in outcome-based ministry, OneHope’s collaborative and tool-based philosophy of ministry that aims to pursue ministry faithfulness and effectiveness. Interns are placed in generalist or specialist ministry roles to research, design, and/or implement outcome-based ministry models and Programs.

Grow Your Faith + Leadership

Cultivate interns engage in Scripture, Christian community, and spiritual disciplines in pursuit of the Spirit-led life and servant leadership. Interns learn from the diverse perspectives of their peers, OneHope staff, and members of OneHope’s broader ministry Family.

Connect With the Church

Cultivate interns connect with theologically, nationally, and culturally diverse Christians to better understand ministry in the global Church. 


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“There are so many valuable aspects to college, but there’s something about getting real life professional experience that makes all the difference in the world. It’s that hands on training that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Cultivate grows you spiritually, professionally, emotionally, and mentally.” – Jessica S.



The OneHope Cultivate Residency Program is an opportunity for recent college graduates to use their skills and education to serve God in a professional, fast-paced ministry environment. At our international headquarters in South Florida, Residents will gain experience in the field of global non-profit work while contributing to our mission – God’s Word. Every Child. – by applying their vocational skills and knowledge to important initiatives and projects.

Housing + Transportation

OneHope provides beautiful, newly renovated single-room housing on our premises. The housing has been intentionally designed for healthy, Christ-like communal living. Due to limited public transportation in South Florida, we strongly recommend that residents bring a car. We provide free parking on site.

Housing on the 3rd Floor Housing on the 3rd Floor Fall Residency Housing Housing on the 3rd Floor Housing on the 3rd Floor

Cost + Commitment
  • You pay no cost for housing during the internship.
  • 29 hour work week.
  • Plug into a local church (of your choosing) for the duration of your stay.
Internship Ministry Placement
  • Advancement — Public Relations, Marketing, Fundraising/Partnerships, Communications, Writing
  • Education Initiatives — Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese language skills, Elementary/Middle School Education, Educational Program Design
  • Ministry Operations — Finance, Data Analytics, Supply Chain, Field Logistics, Economics
  • Ministry Design — Content Development, Program Design, Event Coordination, Research
  • Product Development — Writing/Editing, Graphic Design, Program Training
  • Special Projects — Language Skills, Geographic Region Specialty, Leadership