4 Ways We Contextualize Our Programscontextualize-01

We contextualize all of our programs for age, environment, culture and language to ensure God’s Word is being presented in the most understandable format and can effectively lead to life transformation.

Here are a few examples of our contextualized programs around the world:

Culture in Context: Foundations for Farming

2. Foundations for FarmingNobody in Zimbabwe should go hungry — not with so many natural resources in the nation. But hundreds of thousands do face malnutrition … in part because of a lack of knowledge about the best farming techniques. Our new Foundations for Farming edition of the Book of Hope is tackling this problem head on with Scriptural solutions. It was just piloted with 5th graders in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Find out more about this exciting new program!

Preview and download the Foundations for Farming Teaching Guide.


Brazil: Operation Mark

2. Operation mark 2We are resourcing the Church in Brazil with a customized Scripture engagement program that shares 16 stories from the Gospel of Mark.

Learn more about Operation Mark



Hygiene Matters: Good Health and God’s Word

We’ve been granted access into schools with a program that teaches good hygiene alongside Biblical truth. Hygiene Matters helps kids pursue physical and spiritual health.

Read more about this program.

Preview and download the Hygiene Matters Teacher’s Guide.



 You brought transformation to Geovana!

2. GeovanaIn her impoverished neighborhood of Ecuador, there was little help for Geovana’s developmental delays and learning disabilities … but when you sent the Kids’ Evangelism Explosion Hope for Kids program to her

neighborhood, things began to change.
Today, Geovana has improved physically, emotionally, intellectually, and is even ministering to other children in her church. Thank you!




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