In Madagascar, a teenager — and her mother — choose Jesus!

She was 13 years old. Her parents had told her: no dating. She was too young.

But Fifaliana didn’t care what her parents said — She had a secret boyfriend. And that wasn’t the only way she disobeyed her parents. She didn’t do her chores around the house — or if she did them, she made a fuss about it. She talked back and disrespected her teachers as well …

But then she was invited to a OneHope presentation in her hometown in the island nation of Madagascar, and things began to change.

She received the Book of Hope and discovered that God loves her and has a plan for her life. Fifaliana chose to dedicate her life to Christ!

Her parents soon noticed a dramatic change in her attitude and behavior — and her mother asked to read the Book of Hope, too.

“She said that the book is great, and she is starting to help me think about how we can help each other to always make the right decisions in life. Both my mom and I are exploring the Book of Hope and the Bible together.”

Thanks for sending God’s Word to help Fifaliana, and her mother, find hope in Jesus!

You are crucial to getting the Good News to children like Fifaliana — your prayers and partnership make the difference!

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