God’s Word. EVERY child? YES!

The mission of OneHope is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all of the children and youth of the world.

The vision is: God’s Word. Every Child.

How are we fulfilling this mission and making this vision a reality?

      • Through significant strides in digital outreach — we’ll reach more children than ever before through digital programs like the Bible App for Kids and What If It’s True?.
      • We’ll also reach more young people with printed programs than ever before, too.
      • 67,000 international trainers recently prepared to equip volunteers who will share the Word around the world through Book of Hope, Lead Today, The GodMan film, God’s Big Story, and more.
      • We’ll launch and expand innovative programs like Superbook and Matthew and Friends with huge impact in limited-access areas.

By God’s grace, we’re able to do this at incredibly low cost: it takes just $1 to reach 3 children and youth with God’s Word! While the ministry is cost-effective, to reach 135 million young people this year means we need the help of every partner.

Your partnership is crucial, for the sake of girls and boys like Kelvin from Timor-Leste, and millions of others worldwide. How many will you share Jesus with today? Please pray and then give generously. Thank you! 

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