In many countries around the world, church scarcity is reality. Alternatively, existing churches can be unhealthy and dwindling in attendance. The regions of French-speaking Africa and Russia are some of the most church scarce regions globally. The clash of Islam and Christianity intensely continues in the Sahel. Generations of practicing Islam or animism has left the next generation with little to no knowledge of the one true God. More than 100,000 villages in Russia have no church established. Unfortunately, in their culture alcoholism and depression are common. The country was under the grasp of Communism for decades, and still today, many live without hope.

How are we going to share God’s Word with these children if there isn’t a church in the community?

At OneHope, we are committed to bringing God’s Word to every child. We can share the hope of Christ with the next generation by establishing and equipping local churches. We partner with local churches, governments and organizations to share the Good News.

How are we taking action? 
Establishing churches to reach the next generation.

Our call as the Church is to pursue the Great Commission. Without established churches, our partners would be leaving new believers to continue their spiritual journeys without mentorship. Together, we can plant churches and share the Good News to children and youth in the Sahel and Russia, igniting the next generation to be a catalyst for change.


The Lumière Project has an audacious goal to plant 3,300+ churches in French-speaking Africa by the year 2020. Our team travels to villages where no Christian church is established. Using The GodMan film to share the Gospel message, the responding youth and adults become the first attendees of a new church plant! Children are also welcomed to join a kids Bible club. The God’s Big Story program uses trading cards and storytelling to explain the metanarrative of the Gospel. Each week the children attend they receive a new card, returning frequently to collect more. Then they share the stories at home with their families.
In 2018, we are believing to plant 580 churches in this area, where Christians comprise less than 10% of the population.


The Hosanna Plan is bringing joy to one of the hardest places in the world. The Hosanna Plan is delivering God’s Word to unreached children and youth through strategic local church planting and evangelism initiatives. Outreach team members dedicate one year of their life to travelling to unreached villages across the country. Children and youth learn the Gospel message through multiple platforms including: The Russian Youth Book of Hope, created to address the heart-felt needs of youth, explaining that they each have a purpose and plan for their life, and a friend in Jesus. The Bible App for Kids, created in partnership with YouVersion, this app brings the Bible to life in a relevant way for children with biblical stories and games. The GodMan film – an animated film that shares the metanarrative of the Gospel

In 2018, we plan to share the Good News with 4,900,000 children in Russia.