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With 316 different programs being used in 154 countries, each OneHope product has a unique story from its creation to its journey into the hands of a child. However, the below lifecycle of a printed product serves as a general framework for how our distribution process works:


Product need identified through
research or field partner request

We believe research is key to discovering the state of a generation, the mission field, and the global culture of youth and their needs. Research allows us to continue to creatively and effectively produce relevant ministry tools to engage youth with the Gospel. Learn more about our research initiatives here.

Product created
and designed

Each program is contextualized in order to reach children with the Word of God in the most relevant and engaging way. Though the format and delivery methods of programs differ, the message of God’s love remains the same. Learn more about our programs here.

Product printed internationally
or domestically

OneHope is able to print in-country for several regions, but products for other regions must be produced outside of the country and shipped into the country.

Product delivered to local church or partner organization

We believe that the body of Christ is most effective when we are unified and work together to advance the Kingdom of God. We love working with other organizations and local churches who advocate on behalf of children and youth and share our heart for spreading the Gospel! Learn more about our partners here.

Product distributed in schools, churches, outreaches, etc.

OneHope programs are designed for use in a variety of settings, not limited to school outreaches, local church distribution, Bible clubs, and mass evangelism efforts.

Product evaluated
and revised

OneHope products are constantly being evaluated and revised to ensure they are reaching children as effectively as possible.

In order to fulfill our vision of reaching every child with God’s Word, OneHope operates with a global mindset. We measure our reach by determining the number of children and youth who are engaged with Scripture directly through our resources or through our investment in partner organizations. We divide where we work into 13 global regions, each unique in culture and context.

Click on a region below to learn more about its population, programs, and reach.