“What is impossible with man is possible with God” (Luke 18:27). Even in countries where the Gospel is not traditionally allowed, God is providing ways for our partners to reach children and youth with the hope of His Word. As a digital program, the Bible App for Kids is making it easier to bring the Gospel to children in restricted areas. Other programs such as 17 Stories, The GodMan, and the Book of Hope, are also able to be utilized in certain sensitive nations.

Asoka’s Story

Asoka lives in a majority Muslim nation where her family is hostile to Christians. However, Asoka was enrolled in a Christian school because it offered the best education in their area.It was here that Asoka saw The GodMan film and received her own copy of the Book of Hope.

She was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus, who sacrificed Himself for her — but how could she choose to follow Him? Her family would disown her!

Torn between Islam and the Truth she had learned, she decided to give her life to Christ. “You are indeed a good God, and full of love for us sinners,” she prayed, as she wept with joy.

Asoka is keeping her new faith a secret from her family as she prays for their hearts to be transformed by the love of Christ as well.

What does 2018 hold?

OneHope has a faith goal to reach more than 36 million children and youth in limited access regions in 2018. This is an audacious goal for any region, but especially in these areas where sharing God’s Word is increasingly difficult due to persecution. We use programs such as: God’s Big Story, Stories of Hope, Bible App for Kids, The Book of Hope, The GodMan film, Azerbaijan Broadcast Program and What if it’s True? to present the hope of the Gospel. Please join us in prayer for continued provision and opportunities to give God’s Word in limited access regions all over the world!