MAY 2018

May 31 deadline!
Russia: NOW Matching Challenge
DOUBLES every dollar donated for Russia

This is your moment to make DOUBLE the impact with God’s Word for Russia’s next generation.

Only until May 31 — a $1,000,000 Russia: NOW Matching Challenge will double every donation given for Russia.

And this opportunity comes at a critical time for Russian children and youth. We thank God for this matching challenge.

Anti-extremism laws, set to take full-effect in July, threaten religious freedom — we simply don’t know how long the door will remain open for us to share God’s Word with the next generation there.

We want to do as much as we can to reach them NOW, while we still have the opportunity. And YOU can be a part of this important effort to provide the Gospel for SIX million Russian young people when we meet the challenge goal.

Instead of reaching three children and youth with the Good News for every dollar, you will actually be reaching SIX young people with the Gospel when you give by May 31!

We’ve made good progress toward the goal, but there is still far to go and time is short. Please respond today as God leads. Thank you!

It was a year of
“immeasurably more”
by President Rob Hoskins

Welcome to a special-edition Global Report that shows a little bit of how God did immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine through the ministry of OneHope in 2017.

I’m reminded of the way the beautiful phrase “immeasurably more” is often misunderstood and misquoted. It is found in the Apostle Paul’s spontaneous hymn of praise and prayer for his beloved followers at the end of Ephesians 3:17-20.

Paul had been speaking to the Ephesians of the Gentiles — the Lost. God was using his ministry to add them to the Church, and was indicating that their salvation was the “immeasurably more.”

We see this in action today — through the power of the Holy Spirit and the work of the ministry, the Lord is giving us the nations. Just last year, by God’s grace, we were able to touch the lives of 102 MILLION children and youth with God’s Word, all over the world!

Rejoice with us today — join your heart to the hearts of your brothers and sisters all across the globe who are reaching the next generation, and praise God for what He is doing through the ministry of OneHope.

All the while, please remember: you are a critical part of this. Your prayers and generosity make it possible. Thank you for your partnership. We simply could not move forward without the dedication of friends like you.


2017: Your gift of God’s Word
to 102 million children and youth

2017 Reach:
North America …………….. 1,898,945
Lusophone ………………….. 7,771,083
Eurasia ……………………….. 9,330,678
Latin America ……………… 16,769,168
Southern Asia …………….. 17,668,107
Asia ……………………………. 19,383,556
Africa …………………………. 29,229,728

Program Reach:
Book of Hope ………………… 82,338,920
The GodMan film ………….. 10,520,454
Bible App for Kids …………. 4,756,707
God’s Big Story …………….. 3,475,700
Other programs …………… 959,847

102 million across the globe!

Immeasurably more in 2017: Reaching young people and planting churches in Africa and Russia

The Lumière Project: God’s Light for French-speaking Africa

Mary’s headaches wouldn’t go away … two years of her childhood had already been stolen from her by the intense pain! The rituals and incantations of the fetish priests were terrifying — and didn’t help. But then Mary saw The GodMan film and dedicated her life to Christ. Her new Christian friends prayed for her — today she has been healed! And she’s part of the new church in her village.

By God’s grace, you are leading children and youth to Jesus and planting new churches!

▶ 1,110 churches already launched.
▶ 22.5 million children to be reached over a period of five years.
▶ More than 3,300 churches to be planted in 10 nations.

The spiritual need is real — French-speaking West Africa is the birthplace of Voodoo — many impoverished people are still enslaved to animism and spiritism … But today, Islam has made tremendous strides as well.

Although open evangelism efforts are, for the most part, still legal, many of our partners nevertheless face persecution and the threat of violence. They are willing to take this risk for the sake of the next generation.

The Hosanna Plan:
a church for every town & village in Russia

Our Russian partners plan to plant 10,000 new churches — especially in towns with no evangelical church.

Teams dedicate “One Year for Jesus” and go on the road, reaching children and young people with the Good News, presenting HopeFest Celebrations. New believers are the nucleus for each new church.

By God’s grace, 4,000 new churches have been planted to date!

Meet the “typical” Russian teen

She was born into poverty a few years after the “ruble crisis” of 1998.

• She lives with a single mom. Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world.1
• Her father is an alcoholic. A quarter of Russian men die before age 55 — alcohol is a factor in most of those deaths.2
• She hasn’t seen her father in a year. 56% of divorced fathers rarely or never see their children.3
• She’s been legally intoxicated at least once in the past 90 days.4
• She remains extremely poor. The majority of Russians have been or are now extremely impoverished.5
• She is dissatisfied with life.6
• Russia has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world.7
• She has no idea what happens after death.8

Russia’s next generation needs Jesus!

4 OneHope Spiritual State of the World’s Children research.
6 Our research showed nearly one-third of Russian young
people are dissatisfied with their lives.
8 OneHope Spiritual State of the World’s Children research.

What is immeasurably more? Reaching the next generation through
powerful, targeted Scripture programs!

You’re engaging children with God’s Word on every continent

He’s just begun learning to read in school — but six-year-old Enzo in Brazil can still tell you the story of Noah’s Ark (his favorite) and Adam and Eve, and Abraham and Isaac … In fact, Enzo knows every story he has downloaded in the Bible App for Kids.

Like millions of primary children, and even younger ones, around the world, Enzo is engaging with the Word of God through the Bible App for Kids — discovering the eternal truth of the Bible and learning the way to salvation.

• Over 20 million installs
• 33 total languages
• Top ranked children’s app

Created in partnership with YouVersion/Life. Church, the app presents the Word of God for children as young as two or three years old. A beautiful contribution to the vision of “God’s Word. Every Child.”

He went from thief to child of God

His parents were disgusted by his thieving ways — they kicked Christopher out of the house!

He couldn’t survive long on the streets of his home nation, Africa’s Ivory Coast, and was fortunate his auntie took him in.

She made a home for him — but she couldn’t stop his aggressive behavior. He got in fights at school, and he stole from other teens and adults.

But then he saw The GodMan film and learned for the first time about Jesus Christ, who loved him and wanted to rescue him.

Today, Christopher has chosen to follow Jesus. As he attends church and grows in God, his bad behavior is slipping away — and he is being transformed!

A life transformed

She’s the only Christian in her family — in their “sensitive” region of Asia, Buddhism is practically the official religion … but Halia attended a Bible Club and studied through the God’s Big Story program.

“I finished the 17 stories, and I know that God loves me very much,” she says today.

Her parents are impressed with the transformation in their daughter. She used to be unruly and aggressive, ignoring their requests in order to run around with her friends.

But now she’s helpful and obedient — and she’s able to tell them the stories she learned from God’s Big Story so they can discover the love of God, too.

You’re sharing God’s Word,
training Christian leaders

OneHope’s Lead Today program was used in 13 African countries in 2017 with plans to expand onto other continents. The program features:

• Leadership principles from our partners at John Maxwell’s EQUIP ministry
• PLUS Scriptures and examples from the Book of Hope and the life of Jesus Christ …

An orphan reared by his older brothers, Eric struggled for mere survival.

In their home nation of Kenya, the boys were a “child-led household” and worked on a village farm just to have something to eat.

Eric went to school, but he was rejected by the other children because of his extreme poverty.

But then the Lead Today program began at his high school. He discovered the love of the Lord and placed his faith in Christ. He also learned about great leaders from the Bible, like David, who was the least regarded of his brothers — a shepherd boy … but became Israel’s greatest king.

The Lead Today program showed Eric that despite his difficult upbringing, he could become a leader. It equipped him with godly principles from the Bible. Today, Eric has been elected chairman of a local student charity that helps children in need by providing school fees and supplies.

He wants to become a pastor — and a civil engineer, so that he will have enough money to launch a school and rehab home for orphans like himself … to put them on the right path, just as Lead Today showed him the way.

Lead Today totally changed my life,” Eric says today. “Before, it seemed my life was full of challenges. Now I am living a life anyone would like to live!”

Check out Eric’s story at:

A family transformed!

She was only 12 years old, but Karina considered herself very grown up.

As the oldest child in the home of an alcoholic father, she had been forced to grow up quickly — Her belligerent father drank up his earnings, leaving little to provide for the family … and caused chaos in their home. Karina helped care for her little sister and did all she could to help her mother in these difficult circumstances.

But when her mother began meeting with the Hosanna Plan team visiting their small town, Karina was taken aback. Why was her mother looking to strangers for help, when she had Karina doing so much for her?!

Then the team helped Karina’s mom find a better job, so there was more food in the house. They also visited and prayed with her father … and they gave Karina the Book of Hope. In its pages she learned of a God who loves her, and who had sent this team to her town to tell her.

Today, Karina and her mother are both following Christ as Savior. And Karina has become a missionary, too:

She began attending Bible study with her mother, and then began inviting her girlfriends to attend, too. She asked for more copies of the Book of Hope, which she shared with her friends. She is hoping to start her own Bible study, too!

Thank you for sending God’s Word to bring hope to Karina, her family, and her whole town.