Healed By Your Love!

She had two families … and lost them both.

Following a tragic traffic accident with her adoptive parents, a precious nine-year-old girl found herself homeless and without parents for the second time in her life.

On top of these emotional scars, her physical body was also badly wounded. She could not see well out of one eye … would not speak … was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

But then something happened to light her face with a radiant smile:

By God’s grace and thanks to you, a OneHope team was visiting homes and hospitals in her Argentinian community, sharing the Word of God … and they gave her the Book of Hope and introduced her to Jesus.

The team prayed for her legs so she could walk again … and God began to heal her that very moment! She started walking alongside the young lady praying with her, each step increasingly steadier.

Praise God — and thank you for your part in this miracle!

Please keep her continued healing in your prayers. And as the Lord leads, give generously today to launch a new year of ministry and reach 112 million more children like her in 2018.

Celebrating — But Not Content!
by President Rob Hoskins


It’s a new year — a time for you and me to celebrate how far we’ve come, how far God has brought us in our ministry together.

Yet amid my joy and gratitude to you and to God for all He has done — and as this Global Report clearly shows, He has done so much — I also feel the weight of the high-calling the Lord has entrusted to us:

“God’s Word. Every Child.”

You may have heard my father, our ministry founder Bob Hoskins, share the terrifying vision the Holy Spirit gave him — of Satan attacking the world’s children. We need only look at the growing chaos in our world today to see that the Enemy’s war on the souls of children continues.

God’s answer to Dad then — to place in the hands of every boy and girl the weapon they need to defeat Satan’s plans: “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17) — is still His answer now.

And with hundreds of millions of children still waiting to receive this life-changing gift, we dare not become content in celebrating. Rather, our joy feeds our drive to take the Gospel even further, that we might celebrate even more!

This is why I’m so excited about the new goal to reach 112 million children and young people with God’s Word in 2018 — and grateful for friends like you who give and pray to make such an enormous task possible.

Thank you for celebrating what God has done — and for standing with us in the work He still wants to accomplish. To Him be the glory!

Your Gift at Christmas ... The Love of Jesus!

Thank you to everyone who took part in OneHope Christmas outreaches! What a tremendous impact you made throughout Asia, Russia, South America, Europe and elsewhere. You were part of:

  • Christmas in Asia — with teams in schools, churches, malls, train and bus stations, anywhere that crowds of people gathered, our teams were there sharing the Good News.
  • Refugee ministry and urban outreach in Greece. Believers in five different cities reached 50,000 children and youth.
  • Television outreach in Ghana with the Lumo Christmas Story broadcast on national TV every day from December 24-26.
  • The Book of Hope was given to 15,000 young people in Fiji!
  • And many other holiday outreaches — in all you presented the Good News to more than SIX million young people last Christmas!

Nine-year-old Dalimah received a Christmas-edition Book of Hope in the majority Muslim nation where she lives. The team explained Christmas as God’s gift of love …

This was just what Dalimah wanted! She comes from a chaotic home where her parents frequently quarrel with each other and treat Dalimah with contempt, too. They’re nominal idol-worshipers — but the idols bring no hope and no peace.

When Dalimah heard about the love of God, she was overwhelmed with joy! She has chosen to dedicate her life to Christ.

Thank you for showing the love of the Savior to Dalimah and millions more like her last Christmas.

New Year, New Opportunities
Please pray for new programs launching in 2018 ...

Addressing Violence with God’s Word

It’s heartbreaking to think of even one child enduring abuse —

But in Southern Africa, an estimated three out of four young people have experienced violence.

Now, OneHope is partnering with World Vision to create a special edition Anti-Abuse Book of Hope for teenagers in Southern Africa, designed to address the sensitive topics of physical and sexual abuse and offer hope of restoration through God’s Word for young people who

  • Have personally been abused
  • Know someone who has been abused
  • Are themselves abusers

Distribution of this new Book of Hope will start this year with a pilot location in Malawi.

Empowering Young Women

Many young women encounter gender-based oppression and discrimination in nations around the world — this can be especially crippling in Southern Asia.

Although the young women in this region are often expected to accomplish much, they’re given little preparation with the skills and tools they need to successfully meet those expectations — largely due to long-held traditions and religious customs.

Many Hindus believe that being born a girl is a punishment for wrongdoing in a previous life!

To empower these girls, OneHope will develop a Scripture engagement program in 2018 to help them cultivate strength, confidence, and an unshakable identity in Jesus Christ.

Reaching Forgotten Teens

That’s how many “Forgotten” boys and girls in a rural sensitive nation — left by their parents to seek work in the city — you reached with special editions of the Not Forgotten Book of Hope in 2017. Thank you!

But many teenagers have also been forgotten — often facing different, more challenging obstacles and lacking a solid role model they can look up to for guidance.

With your help, OneHope will be adapting this special edition Book of Hope for a teenage audience in 2018 — so they, too, can find comfort and wisdom in the Word of God.


God’s Word and Sports

Kids LOVE competing and having fun with friends — especially in Central Asia! So we developed a multi-sport Book of Hope for teens there. This edition — featuring soccer, swimming, volleyball, and three other sports — will reach young people with Muslim and non-religious backgrounds in 2018 with the love of Christ, the true Champion.

He Discovered Peace in God’s Perfect Timing!

“… And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

— Esther 4:14

Ckobby’s heart was full of questions about the future — his mind racing past high school to what he would study in college and when the next phase of his life would start.

But then Lead Today — a leadership training program for teens developed by OneHope and our partners at John Maxwell’s EQUIP organization — launched at his high school in Ghana.

Though Ckobby didn’t know what the program was at first, he came and joined the group anyway — and loved the Bible-based lessons he learned about developing character and leadership skills to become a positive influence on his world.

His favorite topic? Timing — exemplified by the story of Esther. Seeing how God placed her in the right place at the perfect time to save her people resonated with Ckobby as he thought about his own future.

“There’s a particular time that God has for every individual,” he says. “What Esther did was wait for the right timing for what God has planned to come to pass. It’s up to us to wait for the right timing. We don’t have to rush.”

With his life — and the timing of his future — surrendered to God, Ckobby graduated high school filled with peace. Now 19 years old, he is “waiting upon God for the right time to enter into University,” where he hopes to study electrical engineering.

Thank you for reaching out to the next generation of leaders like him with God’s Word!

Nation by Nation

JAPAN — You’re sharing Christ in a “Christian school”? Yes!

She knew nothing about Jesus or Christianity — but her parents wanted to send Meina to the best school they could afford, and it happened to be a Christian high school in her neighborhood. Forced to take Bible class, Meina was lost. She had no frame of reference for anything about the Bible!

But she excelled in school otherwise and was fortunate to receive a place at a prestigious Christian university. Once again she was faced with taking religion classes! “Intro to Christianity” was supposed to explain things … but Meina was still struggling …

Until she received the Book of Hope. Now she says: “I haven’t even finished the whole book, and already I can understand the overall detail of the story … Before I didn’t understand the Bible, but the Book of Hope is helping me to know this more deeply.”


Rebellious at home and at school, Denise often insulted her mother and refused to do her assignments. But then she saw The GodMan film. She felt convicted by Jesus’ calling to leave everything and follow Him — and moved by His sacrificial love. She chose to follow Christ, and today is working hard at school and being obedient to her mother. God changed her life.


Though Nadia often prayed and went to church, she didn’t display tolerance or patience … until she received the Book of Hope. “Since I got the book, I’ve started to change,” the 11-year-old says. “Even the songs and praises really convicted me. So I thank God for changing my life through this book.” She also thanks you, for providing the Word to her!


We recently hosted a ministry training event using The GodMan film in Managua. 150 leaders from across the nation of Nicaragua participated, acquiring new tools and skills to make an impact on the Emerging Generation of their nation and committing to partner with us — to fulfill the OneHope vision of “God’s Word. Every Child.”

God’s Word. Every Child.

You showed him reading God’s Word could be FUN!


That’s the word David used to describe Bible study — before you.

Though his Guatemalan family had a Bible — and he had seen how passionately and eagerly his parents would pour over God’s Word in their own quiet time — whenever David opened the Scriptures for himself, he only saw black letters printed on white pages.

No color. No pictures. No fun.

But then, David’s mother Vilma asked for the Book of Hope to be distributed at their church.

At eight years old, David received this special copy of God’s Word — with bright pictures and exciting games and activities designed to speak to kids like him — and suddenly, the stories came to life in vibrant color. He realized reading the Bible was actually … FUN!

So fun that David couldn’t get enough. He loved learning about Jesus, looked forward to church on Sunday, and eagerly got more involved with his friends there.

And David’s love for God and His Word, which began with your gift of the Book of Hope, continues today — sixteen years later!

Now a 24-year-old young man, he still treasures his Book of Hope — he’s kept it all this time! And in addition to serving the Lord as a talented musician at his church, David and his parents and brother share Jesus with others using the OneHope resources friends like you provide!

You made it possible — changing the course of David’s entire life, and eternity — when you sent God’s Word! Thank you.