MARCH 2018

The answer to his prayer

His mother had fallen seriously ill and was bedridden. She was a single mom; Darany had never known his father. He and his mother struggled for survival in their home nation of Cambodia. And now things looked desperate.

Only two things gave Darany any hope: his mother’s best friend who was caring for him and his mother. And, the children’s club, A World Without Sickness, where Darany went each week to meet with friends and a Christian team who welcomed and loved him.

A World Without Sickness is the OneHope program that helps impoverished Cambodian children unlock the secrets of hygiene, proper nutrition and cleanliness to help them stay healthy — and also gives them a special edition Book of Hope and shares the message of salvation.

Darany chose to dedicate his life to Christ — and suddenly, despite his circumstances, he had peace, and hope for the future. Today, he says:

“I learned that Jesus has the power to heal all kinds of sicknesses. So I believe that He will heal my mom from her sickness.” Please pray with us for Darany’s mother’s healing — and rejoice that another child has chosen to follow Jesus!

When every child is your child
by President Rob Hoskins

My dad was an evangelist, missionary, Gospel publisher, when all of a sudden he began to experience an overwhelming burden for the children of the world.

Eventually the Holy Spirit revealed the reasons behind this deep burden, and soon the Book of Hope became the first program developed in the effort to reach every child and youth in the world with the Good News. The vision became “God’s Word. Every Child.”

Today we may not always be overwhelmed with desire to reach out to every child or youth we see in the same way my father was burdened back then … yet I think it is imperative we keep in mind the same fact that was driven home to him back then:

Every child and youth in the world faces eternity, either with Christ or without Christ.

My children and your children had to make that decision for themselves … and we were privileged to know the Truth and be able to share it with them. But what about those children whose parents can’t show them the way? What about those who have never yet heard the Good News?

I’m in the same time of life my father was in when he first had the vision for “God’s Word. Every Child.” Like him, my own children are adults now … and like him, I am feeling a deep burden to keep reaching out to all the other children. To every child.

Thank you for reaching out, too. Thank you for grasping the vision of “God’s Word. Every Child.”

Every Child
A celebration of transformation!

Your OneHope team — including many missionaries and partners from around the world — recently gathered to praise God together and celebrate what was accomplished in 2017.

It was an exciting time of planning, training, preparation and equipping for reaching 112 million children and youth with God’s Word this year!

Every Child is of course the completion of our OneHope vision: “God’s Word. Every Child.” And because each missionary and worker had a dramatic story to tell of a single life transformed by the power of the Word, our gathering quickly became a time of rejoicing and praising God for the power of His love in the life of every child.

Now we invite you to rejoice with us: this Global Report contains a sample of those wonderful stories — from the Tanzanian Muslim family you’ll read about on page 6 to the 12-year-old Filipina Sunday school teacher featured in “Nation-by-Nation” and all points between.

As you read the stories, remember that you had a part in each one, because your prayers and faithfulness make the ministry of OneHope possible. Thank you for your partnership. And praise God for what He is doing through OneHope around the world!

Easter outreaches connecting millions of
children and youth with God’s Word

Refugee ministry: the 6-year-old interpreter

One of our church partners in Greece has a robust ministry to refugees who have fled civil war, ISIS and terrorist violence. These mainly Muslim people are living in refugee camps, and in desperate need.

The children’s ministry team had been praying for an interpreter for their Friday night outreach. Many children gather for fun, games and sharing the Word of God through the Bible App for Kids, but translation had been a problem.

Then the Lord equipped a 6-year-old refugee boy and his sister to accomplish the task! They have learned English since arriving in Greece and are now able to translate the stories in the English-language Bible App for Kids for the other children!

These children will be a part of showing their peers the plan of salvation this Easter and every week as they help the team teach from God’s Word.

Easter edition Book of Hope
makes an impact

Many churches are packed on Easter Sunday with crowds that may only come to church once or twice a year. Usually on this day, a special children’s program is also planned — and now churches can customize an Easter Book of Hope to be a part of the experience.

How the Shepherd Rescued the Sheep is an evangelistic resource for primary school-aged kids to deepen their understanding of the Gospel story of Jesus. It depicts the parable of the Good Shepherd coming to lay down His life to save us, His lost sheep. The book also includes a personal invitation for a forever relationship with Jesus.

It will be used in hundreds of churches and outreaches worldwide — and you can order it online for your church at Choose “Easter” from the menu, and you’ll be guided through personalizing the Easter edition Book of Hope for your church or ministry. Be sure to order your resources by March 16.

LUMO Easter Film

Easter: A True Story, a OneHope Youth Films featuring LUMO, is reaching thousands across the globe. This year, this film is being translated into seven new languages!

The 30-minute film helps establish who Jesus is and why He came to earth. The stunning visuals help illustrate Jesus’ journey to share the Good News, and the film builds to the Passion narrative. It’s a strong evangelistic tool, encapsulated into a short film format.

Local believers are inviting friends into their homes to watch and discuss the film — please be praying for a great response to this visual communication of God’s Word!

Muslim family transformed by
the power of God’s Word!

She was growing up in a Muslim family, in a Muslim community, in the nation of Tanzania where more than a third of the people follow Islam — and another third practice ancient tribal or animistic religions.

Syncretism between tribal religions and Islam is common, with occult rituals and animal sacrifice — and Daudi was disturbed by it … She often suffered horrific nightmares and had no peace in her heart or her home. She was always exhausted, and consequently was struggling in school.

Then she saw a showing of The GodMan film. She witnessed the power Jesus had over the demons. She was moved by the great love Jesus showed by going to the cross to save her. And Daudi chose to follow Christ as Savior!

She received a peace she had never known before. The nightmares disappeared! Soon she was doing better in school. Her parents were so impressed with the transformation that they began attending church with Daudi … and today, the entire family is following Jesus!

Thank you for sending God’s Word, in the form of a film, to show Daudi the path to peace.

Power to save and bring hope!

Valeria’s life felt chaotic. She was only 13 years old and already she had thoughts of suicide.

Her home nation of Venezuela is in economic and social meltdown. Food is scarce, and people rush to any store that might have it — even if that means braving violent protests on the streets or criminal gang activity.

Valeria’s home life offered her little relief. Convinced she had no future, she had managed to get her hands on the drugs she knew she could use to overdose and die.

But then she received the Book of Hope and heard the Gospel message from the team of a local church. She actually abandoned the bottle of pills she had and hurried to tell the team she wanted to live — and she wanted to follow Jesus!

Your gift of love for Valeria saved her life and gives her hope for the future. Thank you for helping every child receive the Good News.

Nation by Nation


The power of God’s Word and prayer:
salvation and healing!

SENSITIVE NATION — Kumari’s grandmother had been ill for a long time … Her care and the cost of medicine put a great strain on the family’s finances — and they were already poor. Kumari’s father struggled to provide for them.

In their majority Hindu nation, they were expected to call on the traditional gods for help … but nothing brought any relief — until Kumari received the Book of Hope, learned about Jesus, and began attending Sunday school. Here, she committed her life to Christ and learned to pray.

She began praying for her grandmother — and her grandmother’s stomach ailment was completely healed! Today, Kumari’s family is attending church with her, and believing in the God who brings healing and hope. Thank you for sending God’s Word to save, heal and transform.


We’ve just completed training with one of our largest church partners in Ethiopia! These children’s ministry workers will have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of children and youth with the Good News. Please be in prayer for this nation, where millions of children need to know the love of Jesus Christ.


A new edition of the Book of Hope that features free music downloads and connections to the Blippar App for augmented reality is showing Greek children and teens how the Scriptures can come alive. After seeing the app in action, 13-year-old Anna was amazed and excited to download it for herself and eagerly took her own Book of Hope.


José went to church because he was told there would be pretty girls there! But when he saw our short film En Tus Manos and heard the Gospel message, his whole focus changed! He chose to dedicate his life to Christ and today is living for Jesus.

God’s Word. Every Child.
She’s sharing the Good News
in her Book of Hope

Turmoil — government meltdown, extreme poverty, drugs, crime, gang violence — that’s Venezuela today.

Spiritual comfort? Scarce. Although according to Operation World, as much as 80% of the population claims Roman Catholicism as their religion, fewer than 10% attend mass — making it the Latin American nation with the lowest church attendance.

At the same time, even Catholics may not fully understand their faith — syncretism of occult and tribal religions with Catholicism is widespread, and spiritism is commonplace.

But your OneHope partners are reaching the next generation despite the dangers. They gave 5-year-old Daniela the Book of Hope — and although she was only just then learning to read, she loved her book!

She took it home and used it to explain to her mother and grandmother how God created the heavens and the earth — how sin entered the world when Adam and Eve were deceived by the devil — and more.

When her grandmother was feeling poorly, Daniela used her Book of Hope to explain that Jesus healed many people, and He could heal her, too!

Although her grandmother holds to older, traditional beliefs — and normally will not tolerate any talk about any other faith — she listens respectfully to Daniela’s Gospel witness.

Daniela has committed her life to Christ, and she is praying her mother and grandmother will soon make the same decision. In the meantime, she’s sharing the words of life with them through her Book of Hope.