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Commit to praying for OneHope’s ministry for two weeks—and post on social media, inviting your friends to participate.

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Join the OneHope family in lifting up the needs of the ministry in prayer.  

  • Please join us in praying for our teams who are planning and conducting outreaches this month. Our prayer is that they will be creative, innovative, safe, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

  • Children around the world are suffering from domestic violence–rates are rising–amid the pandemic as families face unemployment and other unexpected challenges. Please pray for young people who are suffering at home and for our teams who continue to work to reach them with a message of hope in the midst of unimaginable pain.

  • Our teams in Southern Asia are working to reach children with God’s Word though our Matthew and Friends program, equipping Christian families with films and books to reach children in their own neighborhoods. Please join us in prayer for this initiative happening in limited access nations where Christians often face persecution.

  • The Bible App for Kids has been downloaded in every region of the world! Pray for the children and families who are experiencing the Gospel for the first time, even in places where the printed Word is not welcome.  

  • And you can find more prayer requests in our 2020 Annual Report!

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Prayer makes a difference! We’re thankful you’re joining us in this Kingdom work.