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The spiritual health of children and teens around the world is what keeps us up at night. For over 30 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the belief that every child deserves to know the Good News of the Gospel.

A 13-year old named Anny who received this Good News in the Dominican Republic wanted to share with you the difference it has made in her own life.

“Before knowing God’s Word, I had three failed suicide attempts. I felt alone and unwilling to live. My father abandoned our family when I was 7, and my mother never cared about me. I was abused and took to drinking alcohol in the streets. I tried to take my life because I didn’t know the value of my life and thought that death was my best choice. When I went to church with a friend and received the Book of Hope, my life began to change. I realized that I wasn’t alone. Christ has filled my heart with joy and happiness. Through prayer, God is working in my mother’s life too. I love going to church and singing in the church worship grouppraising God for what he is doing in my life. I know He will redeem others like me who were in the same hopeless situation.”

There are thousands more like Anny, struggling children and teens who need Good News. It only costs only $1 to share the Gospel with 3 children. With $1, you can change 3 children’s lives forever – it’s a priceless investment in spiritual health.

Will you join me today in reaching the next generation with God’s Good News? 

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