Hope Celebration 2021

Keep the celebration going by watching the testimonies, hearing from Rob and Bob, and partnering with OneHope, as we pursue our largest faith goal in ministry history. We want to share God’s Word with 135 million children this year.



Main Session: Accelerate and Celebrate


God's Word. Every Child.

The Kids Bible Experience

The Legacy of First Editions

Tando's Story

Daniel's Story

Paul's Story

Breakout Sessions

Digital Ministry and Innovation

Speakers: OneHope President Rob Hoskins and Founder of YouVersion Bobby Gruenewald 

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Global Youth Culture

Speakers: Vice President – Training, Research, and Innovation Tena Stone and Theologian in Residence Jesse Stone   

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Covid-19, The Church, and Navigating Uncertainty

Speakers: OneHope President Rob Hoskins and OneHope Founder Bob Hoskins    

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