Andrew’s mom was always looking for love, and he got dragged along for the ride. Andrew’s life deteriorated every time he had to endure more violence, abuse, multiple moves whenever his mom had to flee for her life, new schools, and lack of friends.

Hanging out with the wrong crowd, it wasn’t long before he was introduced to drugs and became addicted to meth. He had to steal to feed his habit and eventually landed in a lockdown juvenile detention center with a two-year sentence. With no drugs to cling to and no interest in living, Andrew began to plan his suicide.

A team from the local church came to visit the incarcerated boys twice a week during the launch of a OneHope program called Decide/Inside, geared toward juvenile offenders. Through interacting with the team, Andrew encountered God’s Word through the Book of Hope, met Jesus Christ and by God’s grace his life has been transformed!

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