Brittany was born into the Standing Rock Native American community near Rapid City, SD. She was taken away from her substance-abusing mother and absentee father when she was just days old. She lived in more foster homes than she could remember, suffering neglect, abuse, and molestation.

After enjoying six months in a warm and loving foster home, Brittany was returned to her alcoholic mother and reservation life marked by poverty and neglect. “I just ran the streets like the other kids. All you see is poverty, kids skipping school and riding bikes, smoking on the corner, no parents around… That’s just the way people live and they accept it,” says Brittany.

Brittany recalls her own suicide attempts of cutting her wrists and overdosing as “normal” since reservation kids often see suicide as the only way out. “They feel like nobody cares about them or loves them.”

Things changed when Brittany attended a OneHope concert at the age of 20. There she received the Book of Hope, which “… has inspired me and touched my life because it shows me that there are other Native Americans like me who struggle with drugs and alcohol and who never really felt they had a hope or a future until they discovered God,” she explains. “I look forward to waking up every day now knowing there is something more to life than doing drugs and alcohol all the time.”

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