Minawo was a powerful priestess known for her charms, potions and prayers to the sun god “Shrine” in her village in Ghana.

A team from the local church set up a free movie screening of the Africa-specific short film Half Good Killer. This gripping drama portrays the story of an African “child soldier,” kidnapped, forced into a life of fighting and violence … and eventually redeemed and healed by the love of Jesus Christ.

Although the tragedy of children stolen and forced to become fighters is common in many African nations, what spoke clearly to Minawo that night was the power of Jesus Christ to save and transform lives.

Minawo chose to follow Jesus that night and was later baptized and given the new name Martha. 15 of her devotees in worship of the sun god followed her example and committed their lives to Christ! They have publicly rejected fetish worship and are regularly attending the local church, desiring to live for Jesus alone.

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