Musa and Bento, Islamic children in Liberia, were excited to attend the free movie his Christian school teacher invited the class to attend. When they crowded into the viewing hall, not only students, but people of all ages from all over their town were there to see it too!

The GodMan movie was thrilling and showed that Jesus wasn’t just a prophet, but that He is the very Son of God.

At the end of the film, dozens of people stood and raised their hands to say they wanted to follow Jesus. Musa felt like he should do it, too, but he had a question.

Later, he and Bento went to their teacher to ask, “Do you think Jesus loves us, too? Did He also die for us Muslims?”

Her answer:

“Jesus died for everyone! He is the only one who can get us to God.”

Musa and Bento both chose to place their faith in Jesus Christ despite their families’ opposition to this decision.

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