Zhen had been to church—but she didn’t know much about God.

Her hometown church didn’t have much of a children’s program before their partnership with OneHope … and Zhen had to spend a lot of time on her studies. She was 12 years old. Her family expected her to excel in academics and prepare for a useful life. And she was barely passing her math class!

Then her church began to present Hope for Kids, our partnership program with Kids’ Evangelism Explosion which helps train Christian children in how to share their faith. Zhen really began to learn about Jesus from the special-edition Book of Hope called Pathway to Hope.

She decided to place her faith in Christ!

Then she began to pray to Him about her problems with math class … With special coaching from her teacher — and the grace of God working in her life — Zhen scored 90% on her final arithmetic exams!

Her parents were thrilled … and Zhen trusts God now more than ever that her prayers have been answered.

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