A nine-year-old rebel — and the book that changed his life!

It was too much to bear! Naitee worked long, hard hours alongside her husband just to keep food on the table for their three children — including their son, Manan, who was nine years old.

Naitee did not have the strength to deal with a problem child, but that’s what Manan was rapidly becoming. As soon as she’d arrive home, the neighbors were complaining again: Manan had gotten into another fight; Manan had disrespected the elders; he was out of control!

They live in a Hindu nation with a large Muslim population. They were Muslims, too, but when Naitee happened to meet a visiting pastor in the village, she invited him to come and speak to her boy. It was unorthodox to have a Christian pastor in her home, but …

Pastor Ethan gave Manan the Book of Hope and talked with him — and soon received an encouraging report: Manan’s behavior had undergone a radical change!

The little boy was now praying in the name of Jesus for the strength he needed to do the right things. Although it’s perilous for anyone — let alone a child so young — to declare he is changing his religion in this country, all indications are that Manan is following Christ as his Savior!