Your gift today will be doubled to provide God’s life-transforming Word for twice as many children and youth all over the world — even during the COVID-19 pandemic! 

Under normal circumstances, $1 reaches 3 young people with God’s Word through OneHope Scripture engagement programs. 

Until May 31, every $1 will be doubled by the $500,000 fund, and reach six children and youth with the Good News! We’ve made good progress toward the goal, but still have far to go, and the challenge is for a limited time only. 

We’re witnessing how the pandemic has led to a hunger for spiritual answers. Those who are suffering are anxious to find hope, and a crisis like COVID-19 creates a demand for God’s Word … it’s an unprecedented opportunity for the Kingdom. 

The crisis created a demand for HOPE! How many children and youth will you reach with God’s Word today, to give them hope during the global crisis? 

For a limited time only, your gift will be doubled — every $1 will provide the Good News for six young people across the globe!