God’s love during a pandemic sparks hope in a girl’s heart!

Naida had no use for her brother’s new friends, their religion, or their church.

She was 13, and she had her own friends and her own life! She equated church with the icons old babushkas kissed in dimly lit buildings with gothic crosses and lots of candles. She didn’t have time for that.

Yes, times were difficult for them in their town in Russia. Naida and her brother Nishant live in a single-parent home, where their mother struggles to provide for them.

Then, the pandemic hit — their mother lost her job … and things became so much worse!

Naida felt angry, bitter, and hopeless. But Nishant didn’t lose hope. He seemed to think that somehow, they would be okay … then, his friends from church helped make that happen. They sent food to help the family survive, and they sent a special gift for Naida: the Book of Hope.

It not only told her about Jesus, but it also gave her something to read while stuck at home. It also showed her that people cared about her — and told her that God cared about her, too! This compassion from Nishant’s church family touched Naida’s heart.

Today, she’s more willing to consider faith in Jesus because she has seen how His love is displayed through His followers.

Thank you for sending the Book of Hope for Naida. Please keep her in your prayers!