You gave Rafael — and his family — hope for the future.

They lived in poverty amidst Venezuela’s chaotic social and economic freefall.

Rafael was being raised by a single mother in a home with 4 brothers and 2 sisters … none of them had the same father. Rafael’s dad had not been around from the time he was a young child. One of Rafael’s older brothers was already in prison …

And it looked as if Rafael would follow the same path. He and his siblings were focused on skipping school and finding trouble where they could.

But then a friend invited Rafael to a showing of a OneHope Youth Film featuring LUMO which shared about Jesus. It was an amazing story! Rafael was deeply moved, and from that time, he began attending youth group meetings at the local church.

Soon he committed his life to Christ — and a month later was baptized!

Other things began changing for him, too. With the help of his new church family, he found the strength and determination to get his academic life back on track … and he began bringing his family to church, too.

Today, his mother, sister, and younger brother are all worshiping at the local church with him. And Rafael has received a scholarship to a Christian boarding school where he’ll have the opportunity to prepare for a much brighter future!

By God’s grace, and through your generosity, prayers, and the support of all our OneHope family, we want to reach 135 million children and youth with the Gospel like Rafael this year!

Thankfully, every single $1 will share God’s Word with three children and youth. How many will you reach today? Please pray, and give, now. Thank you!