God’s Word Makes A Difference



In 2020, you helped us share God’s Word with children during a challenging season – thank you! 

We couldn’t have made such a difference in the lives of the next generation without your prayers and generosity. The year was filled with more twists and turns than we could have anticipated, but God was faithful through it all.

Download the 2020 Annual Report

Here’s a glimpse of what you will discover in the report: 

  • Explore the unique ways God’s Word was shared in 2020 – Find out which naval academy helped distribute the Book of Hope in Central America.

  • Celebrate the lives changed by the hope of the Gospel – Meet Tando, a girl who overcame many challenges in her life with a church community and God’s Word.

  • Learn how the year launched us into a season of acceleration – we’re increasing our reach in 2021 by 30 million!

See the 2020 Annual Report