$33 Delivers Good News To The Next Generation

Do you believe that God’s Word changes everything?

A gift of just $33 today will share the Gospel with 100 children and youth around the world who are hungry for a reason to hope – and truly change everything for them.

For many children and youth around the world, access to the Word of God is unthinkable. For some, it’s even forbidden. Many may not know about Jesus and the hope that can be theirs in Him.

Since 1987, we’ve been on a mission to change all that – giving every young person the ability to encounter Jesus through His Word. We invite you to join us.

With your help, this January, thousands of young people who woke up today without hope will receive the gift of Jesus. Hearts will be saved. Eternities will be changed. Hope will be restored.

Access to God’s Word is a gift – one that each of us is blessed to enjoy. Join us in sharing that gift with the next generation desperate for it. Give God’s Word today.