Learn about the Scripture programs we’re using in North America, and access the Summer of Scripture Activities – a great way to help the next generation take a step forward in their faith this season. 

We love sharing God’s Word around the world in every season! In the Northern hemisphere, we’re beginning the celebration of summer. As kids are typically out of school, there’s an additional opportunity to minister to children and teens. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, pastor, or caring adult, you have access to Scripture resources for the young people in your life.

Summer of Scripture Activities:

Children 0-6

Little children can begin learning stories from the Bible through the interactive Bible App for Kids

Access the Bible App for Kids and other resources:

  • Parent Guides – activities, engagement questions, and bible verses
  • Coloring Sheets – coordinating coloring pages for Bible lessons
  • Adventure Books and Video episodes- devotionals and activities to use with small groups 

Games, music, and God’s Word is an amazing combination to engage little ones with biblical themes. We created the app in partnership with our friends at YouVersion. It’s the first step in helping a child fall in love with God’s Word. Download the app that has been installed more than 70 million times around the world.

Pre-teens 7-12

As children grow, they also need to mature spiritually. The Kids Bible Experience provides daily content on the Bible App, specifically for pre-teens ages seven to twelve. The daily experience is literally “here today and gone tomorrow,” so they will want to return frequently to not miss the content. The Kids Bible Experience is helping preteens create a rhythm of engaging with God’s Word. 

Access Kids Bible Experience on the home screen of the Bible App.

In the experience, children will find… 

  • Fun, fresh perspectives.
    • They’ll hear relevant insights from voices they relate to through new content every day.
  • Food for thought.
    • A simple question helps them reflect on what they’ve learned.
  • Firm foundations. 
    • Daily Scripture verses help them frame their world in the light of God’s Word.

And we just reached an exciting milestone…one million pre-teens have used the Kids Bible Experience! We’re thrilled to be collaborating with YouVersion on this project.

Teens 13-18

Teenagers have a lot to navigate! We can guide them to God’s Word for direction. 

OneHope completed a global research project about the trends and behaviors of today’s teenagers – and there are multiple resources specifically about U.S. teens! Learn more about their take on church, gender, sexuality, personal struggles, and more. 

Download these resources now:

  • U.S. Report 
  • Top 20 Tips for Raising American Teenagers 
  • Crisis Mode: Three Things You Can Do To Help Your Teen With Mental Health 
  • Guide for Talking to Teens 

Leading a teen small group or know a youth pastor? 

There are free youth ministry resources that engage Gen Z with honest conversations about biblical truths. Check out some of the Feed resources. The Small Group Series on Who is God? or Work as Worship would be a great place to start. We’ve included everything you need to help facilitate a discussion around biblical truths. 

Explore the small group series: Who is God? or Work as Worship

Join us in prayer for the next generation!

Pray the next
generation will know
the truth of the Gospel.

Pray children will
grow in their love and
knowledge of Christ.

Pray caring adults and leaders
will help young people take
the next step in their faith walk.

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