From shame and sorrow … to joy in Jesus!

Times were hard enough in Venezuela when Yaneth was a little girl — economic and social upheaval plagued the nation for many years —

When Yaneth was 12, her beloved father passed away. She plunged into grief, and later, depression. The only thing that pulled her through was the comfort she found at church.

Yaneth shares: “When I reached the age of 18, I let circumstances separate me from the church and apart from God.” She made destructive choices that she regrets today — and she felt in her heart that God could never forgive her and would never want her back.

Thankfully, her friends did not give up on her — they invited her to special showings of our OneHope Youth Films featuring LUMO. Yaneth went to see the film, which was moving to her.

“Seeing Jesus made a big impact on me, but I thought about all my mistakes, and I thought God could no longer love me,” she recalls. “Then the video reminded me Jesus did love me and that I could always take refuge in His presence, mercy, and love.

Yaneth recommitted her life to Christ, and today, she is filled with joy and growing in her faith!

Thank you for sending God’s Word to bring Yaneth back from the brink — and into the arms of Jesus!

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