Angel Tree, Feed, and more!

God’s Word for North America’s Next Generation

The U.S. has the highest per capita rate of incarceration in the world [1]. When it’s a parent who goes to prison, there’s a tremendous strain on families and desperate needs among the children of prisoners. The Prison Fellowship ministry founded by Chuck Colson also reaches out to the families of prisoners with the love of Christ expressed in practical ways — including the holiday outreach of Angel Tree.

This year Angel Tree will provide Christmas gifts for children of prison inmates, and we’ve been invited to provide 260,000 age-appropriate Books of Hope to include with those gifts!

Another program that is making a tremendous impact already is Feed, a comprehensive program to help churches and families share God’s Word with young people in relevant and powerful ways that speak to their heart-felt needs in this digital age.

In 2021, we have a faith goal of reaching 125,000 students through Feed. Through the end of April, more than 15,000 students have already been reached with Feed this year.

The program was created out of extensive research on Gen Z — young people born between 1997 and 2013. They comprise 25% of the world’s population. Growing up with the internet is the defining characteristic of this generation …

Alarmingly, Gen Z is declining in biblical literacy and disengaging from church life within the United States.

This is why Feed is so important! With your generous gift today, you can support these life-changing programs and help get God’s Word to children and youth across North America, and around the world. And every $1 you give reaches 3 young people with the Good News.

[1] Published by Statista Research Department, and Mar 30. “Ranking: Most Prisoners per Capita by Country 2020.” Statista, 30 Mar. 2021, accessed 17 May 2021.

Please pray and give generously now.