God’s Word.
Every Child.


God’s Word.
Every Child.

Together, we can share the hope
of the Gospel with the next generation.

It began with a single Book of Hope in 1987. Since then, 2 billion children have encountered God’s Word in partnership with local churches. Millions of children globally are still waiting to experience the Gospel.

$1 shares the Gospel with 6 children through December 31st.
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Children and youth reached

2 billion

Children and youth reached

Different Languages


Different Languages

Active Programs


Active Programs

Why God’s Word?

We believe the life-changing narrative of the Good News brings hope and has the power to affect destinies.

While many of our incredible partners strive to provide children around the world with much-needed tangible resources such as food, water, and clothing, we feel called to devote all of our resources to providing children and youth with relevant Gospel messages. Relief efforts may only provide temporary aid while God’s Word has the power to bring eternal life change in addition to a fulfilling life on earth.


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