We believe research is key to discovering the state of a generation, the mission field, and the global culture of youth and their needs. Research allows us to continue to produce creative, effective, and relevant ministry tools to engage youth with the Gospel.

Global Youth Culture Report

Whether you only have a few minutes to glance over it, or you want to take a closer look at Global Youth Culture, we have everything you need to learn, share, and take action about the topics covered in the reports.

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What Is Global Youth Culture?

Global Youth Culture is a OneHope research study covering the trends and behaviors of today’s teenagers, the most connected generation. With these findings, we can recognize similarities between young people from different regions of the world. Do teenagers in Africa have similar views on identity as those in Asia? Are religious practices of the next generation in Eurasia and North America trending the same? Global Youth Culture provides a clear picture of these issues and additional diverse topics.

Each generation is shaped by unique circumstances and influences that help form their generational hallmarks. Research helps us examine the world these young people are growing up in and the effects they say it is having on them. Global Youth Culture shares insights on today’s teens and how to reach them with the Gospel.

OneHope surveyed 8,394 digitally connected teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 who live in 20 diverse countries around the world. These countries were selected to give a sampling of different global regions. The respondents completed an online questionnaire. Testing parameters were included in order to maintain the distribution of male (51%) and female (49%) participants. Teenagers of various religious backgrounds and beliefs participated in the survey. 

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