Ministries and Organizations

OneHope facilitates and promotes Kingdom partnerships in the collaborative pursuit of God’s Word, Every Child. We believe that the body of Christ is most effective when we are unified and work together to advance the Kingdom of God. The best kinds of partnerships are when each party contributes their strengths, resulting in an outcome that neither could have accomplished on their own.

We love working with other organizations that advocate on behalf of children and youth and share our heart for spreading the Gospel! If you are interested in partnering with OneHope, please contact us at

OneHope currently partners with a variety of organizations in product development or program implementation to serve the global Church.

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We believe that in order to be an effective outcome-based ministry, children and youth need long-term spiritual support. Local church partnerships are a vital part of OneHope’s work. We partner with thousands of churches around the world so that children and youth can connect with a Christian community and the local church can disciple the next generation. Through our research, OneHope has been able to equip churches with resources to help them more effectively communicate and engage the next generation with God’s Word.

OneHope is passionate about empowering churches to do the work of the Church—reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you are a church interested in our ministry or missions architecture workshops, please contact us at