Cultivate, OneHope ministry’s internship program, is designed to connect your God-given skills with a God-driven mission. Our teams throughout the organization are excited to have you contribute to meaningful projects and to support your personal, spiritual, and professional development.

Below you will find the internship dates and priority application deadlines for 2024. While applications can be submitted past these deadlines, priority for spots will be given to those who submit by the dates listed. Please note that this internship is an in-person, cohort experience based in our South Florida offices.

Spring 2024

January 22 – May 10
Priority Application Deadline: November 10

Summer 2024

May 28 – August 2
Priority Application Deadline: March 1

Fall 2024

September 3 – December 13
Priority Application Deadline: July 10

We have 4 main outcomes for all our interns:

Learn About Your Calling

We want to provide a space for you to explore how your unique gifts, skills, and strengths can be used for God’s purposes. We believe that God creates and redeems each individual for His glory and their good, and we want to journey with you to help refine your understanding of your calling and purpose.

Grow Your Faith + Leadership

We offer an integrated experience to help you grow in your understanding of who God is. We believe that Scripture, Christian community, and the spiritual disciplines are key as we pursue a life that is Spirit-led and marked by servant-leadership. You will have the opportunity to learn from the diverse perspectives of your peers and members of OneHope’s broader ministry team.

Create Better Ministry

Our outcome-based ministry model helps us ensure that we are pursuing faithfulness and effectiveness in our work. No matter what area of the ministry you will serve in, we look forward to training you in OneHope’s philosophy of ministry so that you can grow in your ability to research, design, and implement outcome-based ministry models and programs.

Connect With the Global Church

We love that we get to provide opportunities for you to better understand ministry in the global Church. We believe that the opportunity to connect with theologically, nationally, and culturally diverse Christians will enrich your faith and give you a deeper understanding of what God is doing through His Church around the world.

It’s impossible not to grow here!

What can you expect?

  • Growth: You will have weekly spiritual and leadership development opportunities to challenge you during your time with us.
  • Mentorship: You will have opportunities to learn from some of the best ministry leaders we know.
  • Meaningful Work & Relationships: You will spend 29 hours a week in our offices getting to contribute to the mission of God’s Word, Every Child. This also means there will be plenty of time to connect outside of work with one another, the OneHope team, and the South Florida community!
  • Compensation: We want to offer you enough to help cover your basic living expenses.
  • Housing: We have on-site housing at a really affordable rate, which also allows your cohort to connect consistently during the internship. Also, it is less than 15 minutes to the beach!

Questions? Email us at or message us on Instagram at @cultivateusa!

Placement Opportunities


This team focuses on fundraising and advocacy as OneHope pursues the fulfillment of the mission of God’s Word. Every Child. Advancement offers internship placements in the following four areas of emphasis:

  • Partner Care – Ideal for students with an interest in donor relations and engagement strategies, reporting and data analysis, and/or partner services. 
  • Storytelling – Ideal for students with an interest in creative storytelling through video production, creative writing, and/or social media engagement.
  • Marketing and Acquisition – Ideal for students with an interest in social media content creation and promotion, donor acquisition campaign strategy, and/or copywriting and communication.
  • Digital Marketing – Ideal for students with an interest in marketing campaign strategies and execution, creative ad design, and/or market research.
  • Software Development – Ideal for students with an interest in strengthening their computer science and coding skills through exposure to API development, microservices, database structures, and design patterns. 
Education Initiatives

This team is in charge of discovering, designing, and implementing programs and projects that advance the efficiency and efficacy of learning methods to various levels of learners in diverse settings. The Education Initiatives team offers the following internship placement:

  • Education Assistant – Ideal for students with an interest in hands-on learning and child development, sustainable models and strategies for education, and/or leadership opportunities with students age K-12. 
Human Resources

This team is responsible for managing all matters related to our internal staff, including but not limited to documenting staff changes, performance reports, new hire onboarding and benefit orientations, event planning, and communications. HR offers the following internship placement:

  • Human Resources Assistant – Ideal for students with an interest in human resources management, event planning and hosting, and relationship building with the goal of fostering a vibrant, healthy, and unified Christian community.
Research & Development

This team is primarily responsible for facilitating the development of new programs and partnering with the ministry’s field teams to ensure our programs are as effective as possible. This is done through in-depth, methodical research projects, the training of partners and ministry leaders, and context-sensitive program/product design. The Research & Development team offers the following internship placement opportunities:.

  • Project Manager – Ideal for students with an interest in working alongside other project managers and members of a work group on content design and curriculum development and coordination of tasks to reach timely goals.
  • Graphic Designer – Ideal for students with an interest in using their artistic/graphic design skills in meaningful ministry projects, including but not limited to creative icon and presentation design.
  • UI/UX Designer – Ideal for students with an interest in digital program design and user experience, including improving the visuals and functionality of digital programs, identifying the felt needs of the users, and testing and validating programs.
  • Training Assistant – Ideal for students with strengths in verbal/written communication and an interest in training best practices, education, and the empowerment of OneHope’s local church partners.
  • Research Assistant – Ideal for students with an interest in compiling primary and secondary research, synthesizing data, and discovering how research can be used in a ministry context to strengthen the work of the ministry for maximum effectiveness.
Ministry Operations

This team supports and serves our regional offices through careful listening, intentional and customized process, and structure development. Providing operational and logistical support to ensure that the distribution of God’s Word is effectively and efficiently delivered in the field. This team offers the following internship placement:

  • Data Analyst – Ideal for students with an interest in data mining, creative presentation design, and/or the creation of actionable data reports based on internal and external sources for the benefit of nonprofit ministry.
Finance & Administration

This team is responsible for setting wise administrative processes, ensuring financial transparency, and overseeing compliance with human resources regulations. This team offers the following internship placement:

  • Finance & Administration Intern – Ideal for students with an interest in discovering how their gifts/education in finance, accounting, or similar areas of study can be used and strengthened in a ministry context.
Office of the President

This team works with a variety of initiatives that are given close attention by the Executive Team at OneHope. The Office of the President houses various leadership development, innovative, and entrepreneurial initiatives. This team offers the following internship placements:

  • Innovation Architect – Ideal for students with a love for creative and critical thinking, and an interest in learning about various methods and frameworks for innovation and its practical application to ministry.
  • Emerging Enterprises Intern – Ideal for students with an interest in innovative practices and entrepreneurship, especially with regard to implementing sustainable education models internationally.
Geographic Regions

OneHope has teams that serve our eight geographical regions: North America, Latin America, Eurasia, Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific, Lusophone, and the Final Third. Each team works to facilitate and coordinate projects, support local and regional partners, and further connect ministry networks. If you are interested in interning with any of these teams in the Florida office, feel free to inquire during the application process. 

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Housing + Transportation

OneHope provides beautiful, newly renovated single-room housing on our premises. The housing has been intentionally designed for healthy, Christ-like communal living. Due to limited public transportation in South Florida, we strongly recommend that residents bring a car. We provide free parking on site.

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