About Us

In 1987, during a time of intensive fasting and prayer, missionary Bob Hoskins had a vision of the world’s children suffering a vicious attack from Satan. An entire generation was being attacked physically, psychologically, and economically with disease, abuse, poverty, starvation, and violence. This horrific scene broke Bob’s heart and left him weeping for the next generation. Feeling burdened, Bob sought the Lord’s plan for his life and heard His calling: “I want you to take My Word to the youth and children of the world, and you will do it through leaders.”

In response to this calling, the first Book of Hope was developed and distributed to almost to one million school children in El Salvador in 1987. Today, by God’s grace, the ministry of OneHope has grown exponentially and has touched more than a billion young lives with God’s Word through innovative Scripture tools in mediums including print, film, apps, virtual worlds, and much more.

Our desire is to affect destinies, not just modify current circumstances. While many of our incredible partners strive to provide children around the world with much-needed tangible resources such as food, water, and clothing, we feel called to devote all of our resources to providing children and youth with relevant Gospel messages. Relief efforts may only provide temporary aid while God’s Word has the power to bring eternal life change in addition to a fulfilling life on earth.
We believe that God’s Word is sufficient (Romans 6:23), alive (Hebrews 4:12), and powerful enough to radically transform lives (Ephesians 2:8).

We have always believed that if we could share God’s Word with every child, the world would be drastically different. – Rob Hoskins

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