Lead Today shapes Christian leaders for today and tomorrow.

His family isn’t wealthy — in fact Arcides’ parents struggle to provide for their children and keep them in school … in their home nation of Honduras, about 66% of the people live below the poverty level.[1]

But Arcides was determined to make the most of the gift of education that his parents worked so hard to give him. He tried to make good grades — and when he was enrolled in the Lead Today program, it sparked his passion for excellence.

“I understood that being a leader isn’t easy, but that I could control myself and take responsibility,” he says.

“And what I am learning isn’t just for me, but I will be a leader for my family, my school, my community, and my country. I will try to influence others through my example, following in the footsteps of the most excellent leader, Jesus Christ.”

Arcides’ wonderful attitude and his joy in learning the principles of godly leadership highlight the importance of Lead Today.

You are affecting the destiny of the next generation as you reach young people with God’s Word through Lead Today, and so many other, life-changing Scripture engagement programs! This year, we expect 13 million young people like Arcides to complete the Lead Today program.

[1] https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/honduras