He received the Book of Hope a lifetime ago … and nothing has ever been the same!

Jianmin loved the stories in the book you sent for him. It was the first time in his life he ever read the Creation story from the Bible. Before, he had no idea about God who created the heavens and the earth. 

It was amazing to learn that he wasn’t here by chance — but that God had created this world and created him, too. The Book of Hope opened Jianmin’s eyes to the Gospel story. He had so many questions … so eventually, he decided to go to church and find out more about Jesus. 

Jianmin chose to follow Christ as Savior! 

Now, he’s a college freshman. Last year at Easter, he was volunteering at a children’s ministry and met up with OneHope partners distributing the Book of Hope. He was so excited to see it and happily told the team. “I had this book in 5th grade!” 

Today, Jianmin helps distribute the Book of Hope to others, and his testimony of how it changed his life makes a big impression. Thanks for sending God’s life-transforming Word to show him the way to new life in Christ … now he’s showing the way to others!