Overcome Hopelessness and Despair

Last year, OneHope surveyed over 8,300 teens between the ages of 13-19, across 20 nations, and in 14 languages.

Answers regarding their inner lives and outward behaviors were complex, and we were heartbroken when we learned about some of their struggles. Globally, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness are higher than we ever imagined.

  • 45% experience depression.
  • 55% are living with high anxiety.
  • 25% have suicidal thoughts.
  • 7% have actually attempted suicide.

These attacks of the enemy can only be repelled by the living and active Word of God.

Your gift can save young people from depression, anxiety, suicide … and give them an eternal hope in Jesus!

Every $1 reaches 3 children and youth. Every $25 reaches 75 young people — every $50 reaches 150. Whatever you can do right now will make an important difference for children in need.

Please give generously now. Thank you!