Divine healing and family transformation.

Carlos is only three years old — he can’t read yet … but when a team from the local church visited him in the hospital and met his family, they gave Mom and Dad the Book of Hope to read to Carlos during this difficult time.

He was suffering from a painful digestive disorder that had confounded his doctors — many days in the hospital hadn’t made him feel any better. As his frightened parents read the Book of Hope and spoke with the church team, they made the decision to follow Jesus, and asked the team to pray for Carlos.

Soon he was feeling much better! More tests were administered … and doctors could find nothing wrong with him. He was discharged from the hospital, completely healthy! And now he will be raised in a Christian home with parents who are thanking the Lord for his healing.

Police officers sharing God’s Word with the next generation.

The pandemic locked down Angola’s capital city of Luanda, and the police department found themselves wondering how to help young people, who would normally be socializing together, to stay home and be safe.

Thankfully, one of the officers is also a OneHope volunteer, and he introduced the department to the Book of Hope. They presented the book to their leadership and received authorization to deliver God’s Word to 18,000 young people.

They are distributing the teen edition of the Book of Hope to youth, along with hygiene kits to help stop the spread of the coronavirus!

José is a teenager from Angola who had quit school and was spending his days on the streets with friends, drinking, smoking, and even getting into drugs. But when the OneHope team from a local church reached out to him, he started spending his time with them, learning about Jesus. Today, he has chosen to follow Christ as Savior!

Scripture engagement increasing during the pandemic.

Although some OneHope ministries were delayed because of the pandemic restrictions, by God’s grace, our digital reach has increased. When comparing this quarter last year with today, we’re seeing increase with …

  • Digital engagement up 270% around the world.
  • Digital engagement up over 300% in Asia Pacific.
  • Digital engagement up over 600% in Southern Asia.

This is unprecedented in majority Muslim, majority Buddhist, and Hindu nations! And it’s exciting to see how our partners used digital programs during the coronavirus crisis:

Limited access nations in Eurasia adapted the Bible App for Kids into a Sunday School curriculum that’s now being used throughout the region.

More than 1,000 churches in four limited access nations are using the digital curriculum, which includes videos, stories, and graphics from the app plus a craft for children to do at home as they’re watching their online Sunday school.

Thank you for the prayers and generosity that make it possible for OneHope to adapt to the changing situation in the world and keep reaching the next generation with the Good News!

Double impact! Greatest Gift Matching Challenge

Right now, your generous online donation for Southern Asia can be doubled in impact: The $500,000 Greatest Gift Matching Challenge will doubled your gift to reach the next generation in Asia — even in limited access nations where it’s difficult to share the Good News.

Usually $1 reaches three children and youth — today every $1 will be doubled to reach six!

Please pray and give generously. Thank you!

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