Watch how we change lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth around the world.


  • About OneHope

    Our name, OneHope, reflects our desire to present the Living Word of God in an engaging way to children and youth. Jesus Christ is the one and only hope for eternity — and when we present Him to the next generation lives are transformed. We have a plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030.

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  • About OneHope

    OneHope is an outcome-based ministry. This means we start by identifying the desired result, and then build a program specifically designed to achieve that purpose.

    We are dedicated and devoted to the Church and believe that in order to be an effective outcome-based ministry, children and youth need the long-term spiritual support that only the local church can provide.

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  • A Quick History Lesson

    OneHope began in 1987 when the nation of El Salvador asked for the Scriptures for every schoolchild in the nation. Today, by God’s grace, the ministry of OneHope has touched more than a billion young lives with God’s Word through our innovative Scripture tools in mediums including print, film, apps, virtual worlds and much more.

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Our mission is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world.

Our Vision

To accomplish Christ’s will in this mission, we seek to…

  • Present God’s Word in the most understandable and relevant format.

  • Mobilize followers of Christ to personally and effectively present God’s Word to every child and youth of the world.

  • Collaborate and network with other organizations within the Kingdom of God.

  • Encourage new believers to enter into fellowship with the local body of Christ, resulting in a life of discipleship.

  • Lead followers of Christ in intercessory prayer for the children and youth of the world.

We believe these endeavors will result in…

  • Children, youth, their families and communities coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.

  • Advancing Christ’s Great Commission to His Church.

  • Building the Kingdom of God in every community we reach.

Our Core Values

  • We believe our mission is a God-given vision.

    God has called us to work for Him in reaching the children and youth of the world with His Word.

  • We believe that we can save no one and that God can save anyone.

    We are messengers, our programs are tools, but salvation comes from God Himself through the convincing and convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that God’s Word is inspired, infallible, inerrant and all-powerful.

    God has given us His Word to relay the message of the only hope for mankind, and to be our firm foundation. God’s Word—when understood and obeyed—answers all of life’s questions and provides a perfect solution to every situation.

  • We believe that innovation is essential.

    In order to reach the youth of the world, we must constantly improve and adapt to speak truth to a new generation. While people are different, the principles and values of the life of Jesus are universal, and we must approach the world with strategic diversity.

  • We believe that God, through the obedience of His people, provides the resources for ministry.

    We are committed to being as creative, resourceful, and energetic as possible to share the vision while garnering and stewarding the necessary funds to sustain the ministry, and at the same time realizing that God is our source and Provider.

  • We believe we are accountable to God and man.

    Because we are merely channels for God’s resources and the sacrificial gifts of His people, we strive to be efficient, effective and careful stewards of our time, energy and resources.

  • We believe that our purity of motive, heart and purpose will determine the future of this ministry.

    Our corporate and individual integrity and morality will determine how God can ultimately use us. We expect all missionaries, employees and volunteers to be followers of Christ, to daily examine their lives and be committed to the ministry of OneHope.

  • We believe that those who support the ministry financially are our partners in world missions.

    The individuals, foundations and churches that financially support the ministry are our partners. We will actively build personal relationships with all donors by seeking their advice and involvement, reporting to them on a regular basis.

  • We believe in equipping and empowering Kingdom-minded ministries.

    We are committed to providing the Word of God, our time, resources and expertise to assist and equip churches, individuals and other ministries in every country of the world to help fulfill the Great Commission.

  • OneHope DNA

    In Christ, we find common ground where we can lay everything else aside and co-labor toward our common goal: God’s Word for Every Child.

    We strive to embody these values in both word and in deed, hoping to see them reproduced in others. In the work that we do every day, we have a chance to bear witness to one of the most powerful tools of evangelism—unity.

    At OneHope, we are…

  • OneHope DNA


    We are a highly-skilled, capable group of intently focused and determined workers dedicated to giving our all to help affect destinies.

  • OneHope DNA

    Outcome Based

    We set goals that are impossible for us to achieve believing that, as we abide in Christ, He can do what we cannot. Then we measure for fruitfulness and celebrate that He made it happen.

  • OneHope DNA


    We surrender our egos as we earnestly seek to find Christ’s Will in every situation. We constantly pray for pure hearts and pure motives to ensure we never compromise for the sake of convenience or appearance. We aspire to impact, rather than to impress, and value collaboration with other Kingdom-minded individuals—especially the local church—to achieve His goals.

  • OneHope DNA


    We aim to work quickly, but prudently, always operating in the tension of producing both quantity and quality. We lean into God and ask that He help us deliver what otherwise would seem impossible.

  • OneHope DNA


    We have laser-sharp focus on remaining faithful to Christ and to mission accomplishment. We take the time and care to craft strategic steps that will lead to rhythmic strides and build up the momentum necessary to allow us to take significant leaps. Everything we do is for Him.

  • OneHope DNA


    Emboldened with the knowledge that a creative God designed us to be thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators, we confidently take God-led leaps to follow Christ in His work.

  • OneHope DNA


    We pray, earnestly seeking the Holy Spirit’s guiding. We ask to be given eyes to see the vision, ears that hear Kingdom calling, hearts humble and open to collaboration, lips willing to speak the truth, and provisions to complete the journey/fulfill the mission. We believe each person was called to work here and brings their own unique spiritual gifting to achieve His purpose.