Even as we accelerate our digital ministry programs, our printed Scripture engagement materials serve children in many different nations. Our print programs are available in a variety of specially-targeted editions for various languages, age groups, cultures, and circumstances to reach children. They all have one important aspect in common – the hope found in the story of Jesus!

Book of Hope

We have developed the Book of Hope in more than 144 languages, with a variety of specially-targeted editions for different age groups, cultures, and circumstances. The Book of Hope is a Scripture book designed to engage and speak to the heartfelt needs of children and youth within various cultures, clearly showing God’s redemptive plan through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. The Gospel is broken down into pieces and messages children and youth can understand.

Lead Today

We partnered with leadership expert John C. Maxwell and his organization, EQUIP, to create Lead Today. This program shares leadership skills through biblical lessons, all pointing the young people to model their lives after Jesus Christ.

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In partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries, this special edition Book of Hope leverages Joyce Meyer’s content and testimony for young girls, ages 10-14 years old. After completing this program, adolescent girls will grow in their trust of God’s Word and gain the confidence to speak His promises over their lives. They will gain renewed hope for the future as they come to understand their identity and value as daughters of God, the love Jesus has for them, and their place in His family.

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World Without Sickness

World Without Sickness shares the message of salvation through God’s Word while teaching children practical health and hygiene skills. This program provides many open doors that would otherwise be nonexistent due to evangelism restrictions in many countries throughout Asia. It has reached 6,486,700 children and has been used in 15 countries. Ministry partners are given access to share the Gospel in schools when they are also providing much needed hygiene education.

Christmas in Asia

Through community outreaches, children in Asia learn the story of Jesus during Christmas — the true reason to celebrate the season! Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism dominate many regions of Asia. Christmas provides an opportunity to tell children about Jesus, and the gift He is to the world. This program has reached over 55 million children in 30 countries. Churches facilitate Christmas parties where children play games, sing songs, hear the Gospel, and take home a scripture-filled Book of Hope.

God’s Big Story

God’s Big Story helps primary-age children learn Bible stories and uncover the underlying message of redemption and restoration, even if they can’t read or write. This fun program consists of a series of illustrated cards, along with a parent’s/teacher’s guide stocked with activities, lessons and memory verses. God’s Big Story has been used in 97 countries, and has seen great success in reaching 36,263,497 children while attracting them to return to church programming week after week as they complete their series of cards and learn the meta-narrative of Scripture in the process.


We partnered with The Christian Broadcasting Network to develop the Superbook program – using characters from a popular television series to teach children Biblical character traits and invite them to begin a life with Jesus.

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