Now, more than ever, the world is in need of a new generation of compassionate, strong, biblically-based leaders.

Youth play a key role in building the Kingdom of God on earth. Yet after a four-year study spanning more than 150,000 teens in 44 nations, we found that most teens did not understand the importance of developing strong leadership skills.

In response, we partnered with John Maxwell’s organization, EQUIP, to create Lead Today, a program that fills this gap by guiding teens through lessons on biblical servant leadership, character strength, and practical application of leadership skills.

While many teens in Ghana perceive leadership as position, abuse of power, bribery, and corruption, Ghanaian students who completed Lead Today in 2016 showed significant growth in their understanding of true, biblical leadership. An overwhelming 92% percent of students reported their own personal growth as leaders through participation in the program. Teachers also recognized growth in their students and reported that they would recommend the program to other leaders and teachers. Read the full Lead Today Ghana 2016 report here.


We’ve already seen an incredible impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of teens, beginning in Ghana and now reaching more than 80 nations worldwide.

However, the power of biblical leadership is needed worldwide—and we need you to make this a reality.

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He decided to be a leader!

Teens across Africa equate being a leader with corruption, bribery, and abuse of power.

After 13-year-old Adofoli, from Ghana, attended OneHope’s Lead Today program, he discovered an entirely different perspective on leadership. Based on biblical principles, Lead Today was created in partnership with leadership expert John Maxwell to help young people discover the path to becoming true, godly leaders.

Students who piloted the program in Ghana reported that their Bible knowledge increased by as much as 31% and leadership knowledge by as much as 60%. Additionally, 100% of students considered themselves leaders upon completion of the program.

Today, Adofoli says:

“The Lead Today program has had a very positive impact on my life…I have learned to be kind and humble, just as Jesus Christ was when He was on the earth, and it has helped me a lot.”