More than 250 million children ages 6 – 12 have access to the internet. There are countries where smartphones seem more prevalent than shoes—yet few ministries have begun tapping into the digital market.

Over 75 million installs!

In partnership with YouVersion, OneHope has provided the Scripture content to create the Bible App for Kids. The app features major stories of the Bible and takes kids on a journey through the metanarrative of Scripture to help them experience the story. Created for children ages 5-8, the Bible App for Kids is a fun, interactive library of Bible stories. Each story consists of an interactive world centered on the Bible, with animation, narration, music, and sound effects.

This generation does not know life outside of the digital age. The Bible App for Kids is meeting them where they are—playing digital games—and getting them excited about the stories and Scripture in God’s Word.

Since its launch in 2013, the app has been downloaded more than 75 million times. OneHope and YouVersion were recipients of the Forum of Bible Agencies – North America 2015 Award of Excellence for the creation of the Bible App for Kids.

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“You guys did an awesome job. Excellent! And it is very suitable for little kids. My son really loves it! I want to express my thanks to you! All of my family really likes it and we will share it with the people around us.”

A father who downloaded the Bible App for Kids in a sensitive nation with restrictive government

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Book of Hope

After the successful launch of the Bible App for Kids in 2013, many of our partners requested that we create a print piece to help reinforce what kids are learning through the app. In 2015, we created a complimentary Book of Hope to be used in conjunction with the app. Created for children ages 4-11 years old, this Book of Hope is a compilation of eight main stories from the Bible App for Kids. These stories, activities and discussion points will lead children on an adventure through the Bible and show them what it means to know and follow Jesus, as well as help them to better understand the truths found in God’s Word.

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Leader’s Guide

Building on the popularity of the Bible App for Kids, OneHope created a complimentary print piece to equip children’s leaders to engage their children using the Bible App for Kids along with the new Bible App for Kids Book of Hope. The Leader’s Guide prepares leaders to teach children what it means to know and follow Jesus, as well as increase their understanding of God’s Word by using main stories included in the app. The guide also includes activities and discussion points to best position the information where children can easily learn and apply what is taught. We are planning to translate this Leader’s Guide into seven languages to be used throughout the Asia Pacific.