Thank You for Supporting Your Young Ones in Their Spiritual Formation

Thank you for downloading the Guiding Children eBook Bundle. We know this research guide will be a helpful tool for you as you invest in the spiritual growth of your 9–12-year-old. 

I want to share a story with you about another 9-year-old who benefited from this research— Palila.

Young Palila lives in a limited access nation in Asia where Christians are at risk for persecution. This little 9-year-old received the Book of Hope, and everything changed for her. We used research about the spiritual formation of children to create this special Gospel presentation.

Today, she’s following Jesus as Savior, and she uses her book to share the Gospel with her friends, too.

We believe every child deserves to know the good news of the Gospel Story. God’s Word has the power to transform young lives and bring hope.

There are thousands more like Palila, struggling children and teens who need Good News. It only costs only $1 to share the Gospel with three children—maybe someone like your little one or 9 year-old Palila. With $1, you can change three lives forever. 

Will you join me today in reaching the next generation with God’s Good News? 

Thank you in advance for your support that is transforming lives for Christ,

Rob Hoskins

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