Thank you for downloading our Worldwide Prayer Guide and committing to stand in prayer for our brothers and sisters around the world!

We believe that your prayers will directly impact the destiny of millions of children around the world who will receive God’s Word through their local church this year children like Sein.

Sein’s parents work long, hard hours as subsistence farmers. They’re struggling to put food on the table for Sein and his two younger siblings. Mom and dad are rarely homeand Sein was growing up wild and undisciplined, spending most of his time on the streets instead of at home looking after his siblings or in school preparing for a better future.

When he did go to school, he got into fights with the other childrenand sometimes fought with his own friends! “I didn’t listen to my parents or teachers,” he recalls, “I wasn’t willing to help out at home or study in school.”

Sein and his family live in an Asian limited access nation on the Open Doors’ World Watch List for persecution of Christians … Buddhism is considered the only true religion there, and those who choose Jesus are often at risk of ostracism and outright violence.

Local believers are still dedicated to reaching the next generation, and we’re dedicated to helping them do it. Someone at the local church connected with Sein. He began attending a local Bible Club, where he learned about Jesus through God’s Big Story and the Book of Hope.

“Through the Club, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord,” Sein says today. “Now, I am listening to my teachers and my parents and I am helping my parents work in the way that I can. My behavior changed, instead of fighting with my friends, I made more and more.”

Praise God! Thank you in advance for your prayers for the global Church and for children like Sein who will receive God’s Word through OneHope programs this year.