Children Reached


Population age 0-14

In terms of land mass, Eurasia is the largest region for ministry and one of the most culturally diverse.

Islam and other religions are quickly increasing in popularity among young people in Europe, despite the region’s traditional Christian roots. Various programs are used by our partners in this region to impact the next generation through God’s Word and help them experience the freedom and life-change that can occur through a relationship with Jesus.

Regional Breakdown

Eastern Europe

Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Ukraine,

North-East Eurasia

Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia

Western Europe

Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom


*Limited Access Nations are not listed.

Adar’s Story

Adar is from a Muslim family in a majority Muslim nation. He and his family fled from terrorist violence and war, and ended up in a refugee camp. We don’t know how Adar came to know Christ as Savior, but we do know that it was difficult for him after he professed his faith. The 11 year old had been persecuted by his own community but held strongly to his faith, even when he was forced to believe in secret. Adar met a OneHope team in the refugee camp and could now attend service to worship, pray, and receive God’s life-transforming Word!

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